What to Look for in a Social Security Disability Attorney

If you’re planning on applying for Social Security disability (SSD) benefits—or you want to appeal a denial—an attorney can help. By turning your claim over to a seasoned professional, you can focus on more important matters, like taking care of your health.

You shouldn’t turn to just anyone for guidance, however. After all, not every personal injury lawyer is equipped to navigate the SSD claims process.

To ensure you’ll be in good hands, it’s wise to look for someone who possesses the following:

1. Experience

Filing an SSD claim is inherently challenging. The Social Security Administration (SSA) expects applicants to abide by all kinds of rules—and, some would argue, jump through all kinds of hoops—at every stage of the proceedings.

Your attorney should be well-versed in the process, so there are no preventable hurdles along the way. During your initial consultation, ask how much of the firm’s casework involves SSD claims. You can also inquire about your injury or disability specifically. Has the lawyer represented many clients who were facing similar circumstances?

2. Success

Attorneys who have been practicing for years will inevitably have a few losses under their belts. Generally speaking, though, their track record should inspire confidence.

Ask how many successful SSD claims the firm has filed, as well as how many appeals they’ve managed to overturn. While past successes don’t guarantee future wins, they’re at least indicative that the firm is willing to go to bat for their clients.

3. Integrity

Sadly, some people are not above taking advantage of those who turn to them for help. This includes certain professionals in the legal field.

There are two questions you can ask during your initial consultation that will let you know whether the attorney you’re considering practices with honesty and integrity. The first regards the likeliest outcome of your claim.

Since the SSD claims process can be unpredictable, a trustworthy lawyer will never promise to secure benefits for a client. They might discuss the probability of success based on the facts of the case and their own professional opinion, but they won’t make any guarantees.

The second question you can ask to gauge an attorney’s integrity regards their fee structure. They should be totally transparent about the cost of representation, including the percentage that they’ll take as contingency and any additional expenses you can expect to incur along the way.

If the lawyer’s fee structure is in any way vague, ask for clarification before signing on the dotted line. And if they’re still cagey, it may be worth looking elsewhere for counsel.

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