Florida Slip and Fall Lawyer

Whether it happens on a sidewalk, while shopping, or in the middle of day-to-day activities, a slip and fall always has the potential to cause serious injury. Often, these accidents can be traced back to the negligence of a property owner or manager. If you or someone in your family was hurt in such an incident, our Florida slip and fall lawyers can evaluate your case, determine if you have grounds for a claim, and help you navigate the legal system.

In the aftermath of a slip or trip and fall, you may be left with life-changing injuries and facing serious economic and non-economic damages. Fortunately, you can try to recover these losses by filing a personal injury claim against the negligent party. If your claim is successful, the negligent party or their insurance company will then be held liable for your losses. Damages that could be included in a personal injury claim include accident-related medical expenses, lost income, repairs to your property and compensation for pain, suffering, and loss of life enjoyment.

Filing a successful personal injury claim, however, is not a simple process. The insurer or defendant is likely to look for reasons to undermine your injuries and dispute your claim. Disputes could result in a reduced settlement or even the denial of your claim. Having a knowledgeable slip and fall lawyer to guide you through the process can help strengthen your claim.

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Our Slip and Fall Attorneys Can Help You Account for All Damages

Just as every fall accident is different in nature, so too is every personal injury claim. Therefore, there is no single formula for calculating a plaintiff’s damages. Your slip and fall lawyer can, however, estimate the potential value of your claim by considering several determining factors. 

Below are a few important factors that could influence your potential recovery:

  • Your Own Level of Liability: Liability is an important factor that needs to be proven when filing a personal injury claim. You will need strong evidence that the other party’s negligence caused the accident. Proving liability can become quite challenging, especially if your liability is called into question. For example, if you did not follow your doctor’s orders closely in the aftermath of the accident, it could be argued that you did not do your duty to mitigate damages and caused your condition to worsen. Your settlement may be reduced to reflect your share of the liability and the value of your recovery could be significantly impacted.
  • The Extent of Your Medical Expenses: As a slip and fall victim, your medical bills are likely piling up quickly. These expenses are unexpected and may be putting severe pressure on your finances. Fortunately, your past and future accident-related medical expenses can be included in your claim for compensation. This includes the costs involved for all physician’s visits, surgeries, prescriptions, treatments, diagnostic imaging, and physical therapy. Generally speaking, minor injuries cost less to treat than more severe injuries or permanent disabilities. Should your injury cause lasting effects, you can include reasonably anticipated medical costs as part of your claim as well. The severity of your injury is, therefore, likely to have a major influence on the value of your claim.
  • The Income You Have Lost: The injuries you have sustained from the accident may have rendered you unable to return to work for some time or unfit to perform your duties at full capacity. The wages that you have missed out on during this time can be included as part of your personal injury claim. The duration of your absence from work will, therefore, influence the value of your potential recovery. You may also be able to seek compensation for the loss of future earning potential should your injuries have led to a permanent condition or disability that renders you unable ever to return to the same type of work, even when maximum medical improvement has been reached. 

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