Do I Qualify for Social Security Disability / Supplemental Security Income?

Lake Mary Social Security Disability Lawyers

Being the victim of an accident that leaves you with severe injuries can be devastating to you and your loved ones. If you are rendered partially or completely disabled by your injuries, it may mean that you are unable to return to work and serious financial pressures may arise, with medical bills and other daily expenses piling up. This is where a Lake Mary social security disability lawyer may be able to help.

The United States offers Social Security disability benefits to people whose careers have been upended by a debilitating injury. Our social security disability attorneys can help you to navigate the claims process and handle the logistics of your case.

Social Security disability benefits are paid out to individuals who have sustained disabilities and, as a result, can no longer continue in the same line of work or adjust to other work. If you have lost your earning potential, the Social Security disability benefit acts as a financial safety net for you and your family during this stressful time.

Applying for these funds can, however, be an elaborate process. Each application is subject to an intense and thorough review, and it takes the smallest error to have your claim denied. If your claim has been denied, or if you need help navigating the application process, please call us at 407-602-1111.

Are You Eligible for Social Security Disability Benefits?

If you have sustained an injury with long-lasting effects, you may think that you automatically qualify for Social Security disability benefits. This is, however, not the case. You may qualify for benefits and compensation under similar programs, such as workers’ compensation, but Social Security benefits only pay out for a total disability.

There are a few criteria that must be met:

  • Your disability must be proven to debilitate you for at least a year, be permanent, or result in death.

  • It must be shown that because of your disability, you are unable to return to the same line of work and as such have lost your future earning potential.

  • It must be proven that your disability prevents you from effectively adjusting to other work.

A Lake Mary Social Security Disability Attorney Can Help with Your Application

Our experienced lawyers at Donaldson & Weston can help you with your Social Security disability benefits application. Our seasoned attorneys have a strong understanding of each step of the process and can help you avoid costly mistakes as well as steer clear of common complications.

Below are a few reasons why hiring an experienced SSD lawyer can be beneficial to you. Your attorney will:

  • File Your Application: Your SSD attorney will have a clear understanding of the application process and how to file a successful claim. Your attorney will help you complete all the necessary paperwork correctly, compile important documentation, and manage your application overall. Your disability lawyer will file your application on your behalf and try to ensure that the proceedings run as smoothly as possible so you can start receiving your Social Security benefit to alleviate your financial pressures as soon as possible.

  • Gather Evidence: You will need strong evidence to back up your application to receive Social Security disability benefits. Your attorney can assess your application to determine what evidence is required to strengthen your claim. They will then go about gathering the relevant evidence, such as medical records, proof of lost income, and expert witness testimony, to present as part of your application. This takes the pressure off you and your loved ones and strengthens your claim.

  • Help You Avoid Common Mistakes: The smallest mistake may derail your application completely as each application undergoes an exhaustive review process. Your attorney will be able to advise you on common mistakes made and how to avoid them to protect your claim. Some of the advice that your attorney may give you is to attend all doctor’s appointments, follow your doctor’s orders closely, keep thorough medical records, and avoid sharing any details about your injuries or application on social media.

  • Oversee Appeals: If your application is appealed, your attorney has the skills and knowledge to navigate these appeals and further seek Social Security disability benefits for you.

Speak with a Lake Mary Social Security Disability Attorney

At Donaldson & Weston, we have decades of collective experience navigating cases like yours. We are dedicated to helping our clients obtain the compensation they deserve for medical expenses, lost income, and other losses suffered due to a disability. Call us today at 407-602-1111 to talk to one of our leading attorneys, or fill out our contact form (, and get your application or appeal started.