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After suffering a workplace injury, you may be feeling confused, stressed, and completely overwhelmed. While you need time to recover, the clock is already ticking for you to file a claim for benefits. Drag your heels, and you may miss your opportunity to obtain a fair settlement that could help put your life back on track. This is where our Florida workers’ compensation attorneys can help.

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Our Workers’ Comp Attorneys in Florida Can Help You Avoid Mistakes

A workplace accident can leave you juggling endless medical bills, repair costs, and day-to-day expenses. Obtaining fair compensation for your injuries and lost wages can go a long way to alleviating this immense financial burden. This is where our attorneys can help.

However, gaining access to this lifeline of funds is never a foregone conclusion. Mistakes you make before or after filing your claim could harm your case, leaving you at the mercy of disputes and other complications.

Here are a few common errors you will want to avoid so you don’t compromise your case: 

  • You Took Too Long to Notify Your Employer: In the aftermath of a workplace accident, it’s normal to feel disoriented. Your normal routine has been disrupted, and you’re now left to come to terms with the effects of your injuries. However, you need to take immediate steps to ensure you recover fair compensation for your damages. One of the most crucial steps is to report the accident to your employer. Make sure you follow your employer’s policies for reporting and responding to workplace injuries. If there are no designated protocols, you should provide a written report about the accident and the injuries you sustained. Typically, you will have 30 days from the day of the accident to notify your employer. 
  • You Didn’t Seek Immediate Medical Treatment: There are several reasons why workers might not visit a doctor after an accident. For example, their injuries may have seemed minor, they wanted to finish the workday, or simply didn’t feel they had time to set aside for a visit to the GP’s office. Whatever the reason, skipping this crucial step might lead to disputes that could have a negative impact on the outcome of your case. Your employer or the insurance company may assert that your injuries are not that serious as you did not require urgent care. Alternatively, they may say that you did not take sufficient steps to mitigate damages. 
  • You Didn’t Follow Your Doctor’s Orders: If you have strong evidence to prove you were on the clock when the accident happened, you may feel confident that your claim will result in a successful outcome. However, if you’re not careful, you could make serious mistakes that will ultimately impact the value of your settlement, or could even result in your employer denying you benefits. For instance, if you failed to follow your healthcare provider’s instructions, your employer or their insurance company may assert that your negligence led to your condition worsening. In such cases, you may be held liable for a portion of your damages.

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