Oct 13, 2021 by Donaldson & Weston

Putting together a strong premises liability claim is far from easy. Like other tort actions, such claims demand all kinds of evidence, much of which is challenging to obtain. Tracking damages also requires an ongoing effort. And of course, compiling everything so you can commence the negotiations is a major endeavor. As long as your claim yields a payout, though, the hassle is well worth the struggle. While there’s no … [Read More]

Oct 6, 2021 by Donaldson & Weston

If you were struck by a reckless driver while riding your motorcycle, you’re probably entitled to compensation for the associated damages. Before you can hold the driver liable, though, you’re going to have to put together a strong claim. While a resourceful motorcycle accident attorney can handle all the legal aspects of your case, there are a few ways to bolster the claim on your end. Read on to learn … [Read More]

Sep 28, 2021 by Donaldson & Weston

Nursing home abuse occurs far more often than most people realize. While it’s reasonable to assume long-term care facilities have their residents’ best interests at heart, that’s unfortunately not always the case. Some nursing homes are consistently understaffed, for example, leaving their elderly patients to fend for themselves for most of the day. Others fail to conduct comprehensive background checks, exposing vulnerable seniors to employees who may not have the … [Read More]

Sep 18, 2021 by Donaldson & Weston

If everyone kept their phones stowed while behind the wheel and avoided falling victim to other common distractions en route, there would be 3,000 fewer traffic fatalities every single year. There would also be significantly fewer collision-related injuries. While taking action against distracted drivers doesn’t erase the devastation they’ve caused, it often yields the compensation needed to pick up the pieces in the aftermath. If you want to seek damages … [Read More]

Sep 6, 2021 by DW Client

When nursing homes fail to provide adequate care, the residents and their families are usually entitled to take legal action. If you think your loved one was neglected or abused at their long-term care facility, a seasoned attorney can evaluate the circumstances and then explain your options for holding the staff accountable. To ensure your first meeting with the nursing home abuse lawyer is as productive as possible, take the … [Read More]

Sep 2, 2021 by Donaldson & Weston

If your car was damaged in a collision, having your auto insurance carrier cover the cost of fixing it probably seems reasonable enough. What if your vehicle’s value isn’t totally restored, however, even after making the necessary repairs? Unfortunately, this is a common conundrum that many accident victims face, though few account for the drop in resale value when negotiating with their insurance adjuster. Should you be wondering how much … [Read More]

Aug 22, 2021 by DW Client

As long as you stay on top of your auto insurance premiums, it’s reasonable to assume the policy will protect you no matter what happens. In reality, of course, there are scenarios in which your coverage won’t apply. If you were recently involved in a collision while on vacation in Florida, for example, you’re probably wondering what kinds of compensation are available through your own carrier. From the role you … [Read More]

Aug 14, 2021 by DW Client

Car accident claims are never simple nor straightforward, but those involving out-of-state drivers always have an added layer of complexity. Whether you were hurt in a collision while on vacation in Florida or you’re a Florida resident who was hurt while on vacation elsewhere, here’s what you should know about taking action against those who are liable: 1. Do Fault or No-Fault Laws Apply to Out-of-State Accidents? Generally speaking, the … [Read More]

Aug 9, 2021 by DW Client

If you get hurt in a car accident, the report that the responding officers prepare will serve as the foundation for all subsequent investigations. As such, it’s imperative to secure a copy as soon as possible. Naturally, this can pose a challenge if you’re unfamiliar with the law enforcement agency that drafted it. This is especially true if you were on vacation when the crash occurred and you don’t actually … [Read More]

Jul 31, 2021 by DW Client

Navigating the aftermath of a car accident is never easy, but it’s especially challenging when the wreck occurs somewhere other than your home state. If you were hurt in a collision while on vacation in Florida, you’re probably wondering how to proceed. While every crash is unique—and so is every associated claim—you’ll generally be in a good position if you take the following steps: 1. Preserve Evidence from the Scene … [Read More]

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