Lake Mary Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers

Learning that an aging loved one has been the victim of abuse or neglect in a nursing home can be devastating. If you wish to sue a long-term care facility for the ill-treatment of a family member, it is important to speak to a Lake Mary nursing home abuse lawyer as soon as possible.

The nursing home is likely to try to destroy evidence of liability and cover up the abuse, so your attorney must get their investigation underway before this vital evidence becomes unavailable. Our attorneys at Donaldson & Weston have the skillset and resources available to thoroughly investigate your case and gather all the important evidence required to prove liability and damages for your nursing home abuse claim. Call 407-602-1111 to get started.

What to Bring to Your Consultation with a Lake Mary Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

Each nursing home abuse claim is unique, and our attorneys in Lake Mary will provide you with representation tailored to your specific needs. For your attorney to begin their investigation and start building your case, they will need specific information from you to find out if you have grounds to make a claim.

Here are some tips on how to prepare for your initial consultation:

  • Obtain the Official Incident Report: If you reported the abuse to the police or administrator of the nursing home and an official incident report was created, bring this with you to your initial consultation. This report may contain vital details to help prove certain aspects of your claim. Having an official paper trail is also useful to your case to prove liability and damages suffered.

  • Get Medical Records: Your loved one should have received immediate medical care when the abuse became apparent. Get a copy of their medical records from their doctor to give to your attorney. This may help to prove the abuse did occur, the extent of the abuse, and subsequent injuries suffered as a result. You may also be able to include these medical expenses as part of your claim.

  • Write a Detailed Description: If your loved one is not able to write an account of the abuse they suffered at the nursing home, write one on their behalf including as many details as possible of their injuries, suffering, and damages. Include information such as the nature of the abuse, when the abuse was first suspected, whether it was a single incident or ongoing, whether there were ever any witnesses to the abuse, whether anyone at the facility was informed of the abuse, and how the nursing home responded to the allegations of abuse. Also, include photographs of your loved one’s injuries as proof. This will help your attorney to get started with their investigation immediately and determine what evidence they will need to gather to compile a strong claim.

  • Provide Witness Details: If there were any witnesses to the abuse, bring their contact details to your consultation as your attorney will likely want to contact them for a statement. If you or your loved one communicated to anyone via text or email about the abuse, bring these texts and emails with you too, as they could provide a timeline and paper trail of when the abuse started and how it unfolded.

  • Keep All Receipts and Invoices: Bring with you all financial documents detailing all abuse-related expenses such as medical care, cost of transferring your loved one to a different facility, cost of home care should your loved one have moved back home, and any other expenses incurred because of the nursing home abuse. This will help your attorney to prove the extent of damages incurred and estimate what a fair settlement may be.

Schedule a Free Initial Consultation with a Lake Mary Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

If you feel that you have grounds to file a nursing home abuse claim and are ready to discuss your case, then contact one of our experienced Lake Mary nursing home abuse attorneys to assess your claim at 407-602-1111 or via our online contact form. At Donaldson & Weston, we have handled a variety of complicated cases like yours and have the resources to fight for a fair settlement for you and your loved one.