Florida Wrongful Death Attorneys

Has your loved one died in a sudden accident due to the negligence or intentional misconduct of another party? Your family may be entitled to compensation. Our wrongful death attorneys represent clients throughout Florida and can review your case in a free consultation.

These claims tend to involve substantial damages, so insurance companies often go to great lengths to minimize the amount of compensation they have to pay out. Our lawyers can help you level the playing field and ensure you are treated fairly. Call 866-349-2912 to schedule a case assessment.

Our Wrongful Death Attorneys in Florida Can Help You Avoid Mistakes

No matter how strong your case seems to be, you should expect the opposing party to perform a thorough investigation to find reasons to deny your claim or reduce its value. To protect your case, it’s important that you avoid making mistakes that could lead to a dispute. Here are just a few mistakes our attorneys can help you avoid:

  • Providing Recorded Statements: It’s wise to contact a wrongful death lawyer before you’ve spoken to anyone affiliated with the insurance company. Your statements to the insurer will likely be recorded and admissible in court, and they may be used to dispute liability or damages. For example, if the claims adjuster asks about the cause of your loved one’s death and you say something that indicates he or she might have been partially at fault, this could reduce the potential value of your claim. A Florida wrongful death attorney from Donaldson & Weston can handle all correspondence with the insurance company on your behalf. 
  • Discussing Your Case on Social Media: If you go into detail about the facts surrounding your family member’s death, those posts might be used to dispute your claim. As tempting as it can be to use social networking sites to keep loved ones informed, it’s important that you’re careful about what you say. In fact, it’s best to stay off social media entirely while your claim is pending. 
  • Waiting Too Long to Initiate the Investigation: Your attorney will want to perform an immediate investigation so any time-sensitive evidence can be gathered. If you wait too long to consult a lawyer, important evidence might become unavailable. Although the thought of filing a claim might seem overwhelming after such a tragic loss, it’s wise to initiate the proceedings as soon as possible.

There are many other mistakes that could derail your case. The Florida wrongful death lawyers at Donaldson & Weston can protect your interests throughout the proceedings and help you avoid costly errors that might jeopardize your claim. 

How Long Will It Take to Resolve My Case?

Every wrongful death claim is unique. Some cases are relatively straightforward because there’s strong evidence of liability and damages, all parties agree on the relevant facts, and the amount of compensation being sought is fairly low; however, most cases involve at least a few complexities.

Although we cannot estimate how long it might take to resolve your claim until we’ve performed an investigation, you may find it helpful to know some of the factors that could influence the duration of the proceedings, which include:

  • The Potential Value of Your Claim: Insurance companies tend to devote more resources to disputing claims that involve significant damages. If you’re seeking a substantial amount of compensation, there might be a higher chance of facing a dispute, which could draw out the proceedings.
  • Whether Pertinent Facts Are Disputed: If there’s a disagreement regarding who caused the death, the percentage of fault assigned to various parties, the value of your claim, or other pertinent facts, this could lead to a dispute. 
  • The Strength of Your Evidence: The stronger your evidence, the less likely the opposing party may be to dispute your claim. To prevent unnecessary delays and complications, our Florida wrongful death lawyers will conduct a thorough investigation and compile all available evidence of liability and damages. 

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