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Factors that Will Influence the Value of Your Bicycle Accident Claim

After being involved in an accident that has left you with a serious injury, your medical bills are sure to pile up. You are probably wondering what your Florida bicycle accident claim could be worth as your financial future is likely to depend on the outcome of your claim.

While there is no way to predict the exact value that your claim is worth, there are various factors that your bike accident attorney will consider when estimating the potential recovery for your case. Your attorney may need to consult with expert witnesses, see your medical records, and thoroughly investigate your case.

Here are a few factors that may influence the value of your claim:

  • The Severity of Your Injuries: A serious injury with lasting effects can lead to a lifetime of medical expenses, lost future earning potential, expenses from home modifications, and the loss of overall life enjoyment. Usually, the more severe an injury is, the more you will be able to claim in damages as your expenses will be a lot higher in comparison to more minor injuries.
  • Loss of Income and Earning Potential: You may be able to include lost income in your claim if your injuries have prevented you from working during your recovery. If your injuries have left you unable to return to the same line of work in the future, there is also the possibility of claiming for lost future earning potential.
  • Non-Economic Damages: Not all damages you face after an injury are tangible or monetary. Your injuries, regardless of severity, may leave you with significant pain and discomfort that prevent you from resuming your normal daily routines. As such, you may be able to include compensation for intangible losses, such as your pain and discomfort, in your personal injury case. To prove intangible non-economic losses, your attorney may request that you keep a personal injury journal to document your pain levels, symptoms, and your experiences during your recovery daily.
  • Your Liability: Liability is one of the main factors that need to be proven during a bicycle accident claim in Florida. While you may be the victim of someone else’s negligence, the steps you take after the accident will play a role in determining your liability. For example, if you do not follow your doctor’s orders, the insurance company will likely dispute your claim and it could be argued that you did not do your duty to mitigate damages. This could result in a significantly reduced settlement.

Steps to Help Strengthen Your Case

It may take some time for your bicycle accident case to be resolved as many factors need to be investigated before a settlement can be reached. The longer your case takes, the more financial strain you may experience. As such, you are likely looking to do all that you can to speed up the proceedings so that you can receive your settlement money and get your life back on track.

While the outcome of your case is out of your hands, there are a few ways in which you can help your Florida bicycle accident lawyer during your case to protect your claim:

  • Attend All Your Doctor’s Visits and Follow-Ups: Recovering from a serious injury can leave you with extreme pain and discomfort. Getting up and out of the house to visit your doctor may seem like an impossible task. However, if you have been instructed by your doctor to go for follow-up examinations with a specialist, physiotherapy sessions, or special procedures, you need to make sure not to miss an appointment. If you skip an appointment, the insurance company is sure to use this mistake to dispute your claim and argue negligence on your part for not mitigating damages and causing your condition to worsen. You are then at risk of being held liable for part or all of your damages.
  • Keep Thorough Records of All Evidence: The evidence that you provide may make or break your case. Gaps in evidence are likely to weaken your claim and, as a result, reduce your settlement. As such, make sure to keep all evidence that relates to your injury to strengthen your claim and maximize your recovery. Keep all invoices documenting medical expenses, photographs of your injuries, photographs of the scene of the accident, the official accident report, eyewitness accounts, pay stubs that show loss of income, a personal injury journal, and all receipts that relate to your injury. This will help your attorney to prove the extent of your damages and may help you to receive a fair settlement.
  • Refrain from Using Social Media: Being stuck at home recovering may be frustrating and lonely. Social media may be your only connection to the outside world and a means for you to keep your family and friends up to date on your recovery. However, your social media platforms are likely being monitored by the insurance company that is looking for any reason to dispute your claim. It is, therefore, best to refrain from using social media during your case to make sure that any pictures, check-ins, or posts you make do not negatively influence the outcome of your claim.

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