Lake Mary Truck Accident Lawyers

Being the victim of a truck accident can leave you traumatized and seriously injured. These injuries can change your life forever and as a result, you may be faced with unexpected financial pressures due to unplanned medical expenses and lost income. This is where a Lake Mary truck accident lawyer can help.

Filing a personal injury claim against the liable party, such as the at-fault driver or motor carrier, is a step toward recovering compensation for the damages you have suffered. You will, however, need to prove causation, liability, and damages for your claim to be successful. This is where our experienced Lake Mary truck accident attorneys can help. For a free consultation, call 407-602-1111.

Factors That May Influence the Value of Your Truck Accident Claim

Every truck accident is different, and every personal injury claim is unique. There is, therefore, no set formula for determining exactly what your settlement will be, but your Lake Mary truck accident attorney can estimate your potential recovery by considering several determining factors.

Here are a few factors that could influence the value of your claim:

  • Your Level of Liability: Liability needs to be proven when filing a personal injury claim, which can be quite challenging. If it emerges that your negligence contributed to your damages in any way, your settlement may be reduced to reflect your share of the liability. For example, if your doctor told you to take time off work to rest and recover, but you are seen at the office, the defendant may assert that your negligence caused your condition to worsen. The value of your settlement is then likely to be affected and may be significantly reduced.

  • Medical Expenses: Your medical bills can pile up quickly after being injured in a truck accident. These expenses are unplanned and may put a severe strain on your finances. Fortunately, claimants in Lake Mary can pursue compensation for medical expenses, including all doctor’s visits, procedures, treatment, prescriptions, diagnostic imaging, and physical therapy sessions, as part of their truck accident claim. Minor injuries will typically cost less to treat than serious injuries or permanent disabilities. If your injury has long-lasting effects, you can include future medical expenses as part of your claim too. The severity of your injuries is, therefore, likely to influence the value of your potential recovery.

  • Lost Income: Your injuries may have rendered you unfit to return to work for some time or unable to perform your duties at full capacity. The income you have missed out on during this time can form part of your claim and the duration of your absence from work will, therefore, have an impact on the value of your settlement. You may also be able to seek compensation for the loss of future earning potential should you have a sustained a permanent disability that prevents you from returning to the same line of work even when maximum medical improvement has been reached.

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