What Can I Expect from a Truck Accident Attorney?

If you were seriously hurt in a large truck crash and you’re planning on taking action, you’re probably wondering whether you need legal representation. While you’re not required by law to enlist help, it’s advisable to hire a seasoned personal injury attorney.

A truck accident lawyer can handle virtually every aspect of your claim. More specifically, they will:

1. Investigate the Circumstances Surrounding the Crash

As long as you turn to a reputable firm, your lawyer should have the resources needed to identify all those who played a role in the wreck. They might consult accident reconstruction experts, interview eyewitnesses, and secure official reports. They will also apply pressure when the opposing party is unwilling to hand over items that implicate them, like black box data, driver logs, or cell phone records.

2. Compile Evidence of Fault

Over the course of their investigation, your legal team will attempt to gather the evidence needed to prove liability. This might include photographs of the scene, dash camera footage, toxicology reports, and vehicle maintenance records.

3. Handle All Correspondence with the Opposing Party

You have enough to worry about without having to deal with the insurance adjuster. In fact, it’s better if you don’t interact with them at all.

Carriers have all kinds of strategies for getting claimants to jeopardize their cases inadvertently. As long as you don’t correspond with the insurance adjuster, though, you won’t have to worry about being manipulated into accepting an unfair payout or giving them cause to challenge your credibility.

4. Negotiate for a Fair Settlement

Once you’ve reached maximum medical improvement, your legal team will total the damages you’ve incurred and commence negotiations with the opposing party.

It’s natural to stress about this stage of the proceedings since insurance adjusters are essentially professional negotiators. Fortunately, experienced attorneys are, too. In other words, you can level the playing field by letting your lawyer handle the negotiations.

5. Guide You Through Litigation

Most truck accident claims are settled. On the rare occasion that an agreement cannot be reached, though, the injured party often has no choice but to file a formal lawsuit.

Should this end up being the situation in which you find yourself, you can count on your legal team to prepare your case for court. They will also help you navigate every stage of the subsequent proceedings.

This includes filing motions, deposing witnesses, presenting evidence, and preparing to testify before a judge. Along the way, they’ll keep you from making critical mistakes, like missing important deadlines.

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