Medical Expenses in Port St. Lucie

With a prime coastal location and many scenic views, Port St. Lucie is a wonderful place to live and to visit. The town has experienced continued growth in recent years, partly due to the many golf courses and water-related recreational activities that it has to offer. Employment has also increased in Port St. Lucie in recent years, with many residents working in a sales position or in an office administration capacity. Food service jobs are also common, along with construction. Regardless of whether you work in an office or on a construction site, you face certain dangers associated with your job on a daily basis. If you are injured at work, you are entitled to receive workers’ compensation benefits to help you cope with your lost wages and to ensure that your medical expenses are covered during this difficult time. Unfortunately, insurance companies do not always play by the rules and often attempt to deny claims to avoid paying benefits. At Donaldson & Weston, our Port St. Lucie workers’ compensation attorneys have assisted many injured people with asserting their right to benefits, and we are standing by to assist you.

Receiving Coverage for Medical Expenses Following a Workplace Accident

One of the biggest stresses for injured workers is not knowing whether or not they will be able to afford the medical bills associated with their injury. To maximize your chances of receiving compensation, it is essential that you notify your employer as soon as you think that you may have been injured on the job. There are many obvious accidents that happen at work, such as car accidents on the job, which make it easy to know that you need to notify your employer. There are a variety of other injuries that arise over time as results of repetitive tasks, however, such as carpal tunnel syndrome. These injuries arise frequently in sales and administrative jobs. After you notify your employer, it will initiate a claim with its workers’ compensation insurer. Then, you will be asked to undergo a medical examination to determine the nature and extent of your injury. More specifically, the doctor will determine whether your injury is a temporary or permanent disability and whether it is a partial or total disability.

If you received medical treatment prior to initiating your claim, it is critical that you keep good records of any medical expenses that you incurred and records that provide information about the cause and nature of your injury. The physician who provides your medical examination will also recommend a course of treatment for your injury. Any expenses associated with the treatment of your injuries are reimbursable under Florida’s workers’ compensation system. These include emergency medical treatment, surgeries, hospitalization fees, medications, physical therapy, and any expenses arising from traveling to and from doctors’ appointments. If you have suffered a serious accident, or you are facing a total and permanent disability, you may face significant medical costs in the future.

This may be a good reason to forgo seeking a lump sum settlement of your claim, which may not account for any unanticipated costs that you will incur in the future. A resourceful workers’ compensation lawyer can assist you with determining an appropriate course of action to ensure that your work injury-related medical bills are covered.