Floor Related Accidents

Many uneven surfaces can be dangerous to pedestrians, from spills in a supermarket to cracks in sidewalks, and it is the responsibility of a property’s owner to make sure that an area is safe.

Slip and Fall Attorneys Advocating for Victims in the Port St. Lucie Area

In addition to slip and fall accidents that can result when pooled liquids or other substances accumulate on the ground, there are many different ways that a victim can get injured on another party’s property due to dangerous flooring. Floor related accidents can cause significant injuries, and people or businesses responsible for carelessly allowing hazards to develop should be held liable for the harm that results. The Port St. Lucie premises liability lawyers at Donaldson & Weston assist victims injured on someone else’s property with pursuing legal action against negligent parties. Our premises liability lawyers are dedicated to ensuring that clients receive the financial support that they need to bolster their recovery. If you or someone you love has sustained an injury in a floor related accident, you should take the time to find out whether you may have legal recourse.

Types of Floor Related Accidents

Dangers in flooring can arise in a variety of situations. Floors may develop defects gradually or due to a sudden occurrence. All kinds of flooring require specialized installation, routine inspection, and maintenance in order to make sure that they remain safe for people who use them. When floors fall into a state of disrepair, serious accidents and injuries can result. Some common examples of hazardous floor conditions include:

  • Sidewalks containing cracks, potholes, or overgrown roots
  • Elevator gaps
  • Broken, uneven, or missing steps
  • Floor tile that is chipped or has water damage
  • Carpets or mats that are wrinkled or unsteady because they do not lie flat
  • Warped wood flooring

Victims who sustain falls due to one of these hazards can suffer significant injuries, such as broken hips, scarring, brain injuries, neck and spinal cord damage, and facial injuries. Property owners responsible for failing to properly maintain their premises should be held legally accountable with the assistance of an experienced slip and fall premises liability attorneys.

Holding Property Owners Responsible for Hazardous Conditions

Public as well as private property owners are responsible for making sure that floors are maintained in a safe manner for those who visit their premises. Victims injured in a floor related accident may pursue a premises liability claim against responsible parties, including a property’s owner or business operator. All property owners owe a certain level of care to visitors entering their premises. This duty depends on the type of property that a victim is visiting at the time of the accident. Invitees, or people entering a business establishment for a business purpose, are owed the highest duty of care. Licensees, or social guests, are owed a lesser duty of care. Trespassers, who enter properties without permission, are generally not owed any duty, with the exception of children in some instances. Premises liability lawyers help in these cases.

Business owners are required to engage in reasonable inspections and maintenance of their property, and they must repair any dangerous conditions in a timely manner. A victim who suffers a fall as a result of a broken step must also establish that had the property owner fulfilled its duty of reasonable inspection and maintenance, it would have known about the hazard and addressed it. Multiple parties may be responsible for injuries sustained in a floor related accident. For instance, if a victim is injured in a supermarket owned by one company but operated by another entity, the victim may be able to pursue claims against both of these possible defendants to recover damages such as past and future medical expenses, lost income, and diminished earning capacity. Call a premises liability lawyer for more information today.