When Might I Benefit from Hiring a Workers’ Comp Attorney?

Filing a claim for workers’ compensation benefits might seem like a fairly straightforward process, but issues can—and almost always do—arise along the way. What’s more, you can’t actually count on your employer or the insurance adjuster to advocate for you, no matter how sympathetic they seem. At the end of the day, their best interests are not exactly in line with your own.

Thankfully, there is someone who can advocate for you: a workers’ comp attorney. A seasoned professional can help you navigate every stage of the proceedings, all the while protecting your rights and ensuring others do, too.

If you’re still on the fence about enlisting legal help, here are some of the scenarios in which having a knowledgeable guide is especially advantageous:

1. The Insurance Adjuster Does Not Recognize the Extent of the Damages

The losses associated with getting hurt on the job can add up fast. From medical bills to missed paychecks, the resulting damages can quickly seem insurmountable.

Unfortunately, however, insurance adjusters don’t always recognize as much. If the settlement offer you received isn’t nearly enough to cover the losses you’ve incurred, it’s time to consult a professional. A skilled lawyer who’s well-versed in both tort law and negotiation tactics won’t let you walk away with a dollar less than you deserve.

2. You Were Punished for Reporting the Injury

Sadly, just because workers’ compensation laws are in place doesn’t mean employers always abide by them. While the benefits are meant to protect employees, some employers only see claims as threatening to their bottom line. As such, they’re often inclined to retaliate when an employee reports a workplace injury.

If you were punished because you sought compensation for an occupational illness or job-related injury—by having your salary slashed or your hours cut, for example—it’s wise to turn to an attorney. They will help you assert your rights while taking the steps needed to secure what you deserve.

3. You Are Unable to Rejoin the Workforce Because of Your Injuries

Workers’ compensation claims involving permanent disabilities are inherently complex because they typically warrant additional benefits. Those who are unable to return to work at all, for example, are usually entitled to compensation for lost earning capacity to make up for they paychecks they’ll miss in the future.

Naturally, such losses can be significant, so insurance adjusters aren’t exactly inclined to recognize their validity. With help from a workers’ comp attorney, though, you should be able to gather the evidence needed to convince them of the hurdles you now face as a result of your condition.

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