What Will a Social Security Disability Attorney Do for Me?

If you’re planning on applying for Social Security disability (SSD) benefits—or filing an appeal after receiving a denial—it’s wise to seek legal help. While claimants are entitled to complete their own applications and represent themselves in any associated hearings, they generally have enough to worry about. Moreover, enlisting help may actually allow them to secure a much better outcome.

Still on the fence about hiring an attorney? Here are some of the most challenging and time-consuming tasks a Social Security disability lawyer can handle on your behalf:

1. Compile Essential Documents

The application for SSD benefits demands all kinds of documentation, from medical records to paystubs. As long as you give your legal team certain permissions, though, you won’t have to waste any time running around trying to gather such documents yourself. A resourceful attorney should be able to compile all the essentials on your behalf.

2. Complete Your Application

The actual application for SSD benefits is notoriously complex. It’s so detailed, in fact, that a significant number of claims are submitted with incomplete information and then automatically denied.

Even if you’re determined to fill out the application yourself, it’s wise to have a lawyer review it before you send it in. They will scrutinize it line by line to ensure you completed everything accurately and thoroughly. Or, if you prefer, your attorney can fill it out for you, and you’ll have peace of mind knowing not a single portion was overlooked.

3. Correspond with the Social Security Administration

Once your claim has been submitted, you’re going to have to correspond with the Social Security Administration (SSA) periodically. Thankfully, your legal team can do so on your behalf.

By letting them handle every interaction with the SSA, you free up yourself to focus on more important matters. It’s also a great way to ensure you don’t jeopardize your claim inadvertently. For example, you won’t have to worry about saying anything that prompts the SSA to challenge your credibility.

4. File an Appeal

Statistically, there’s a good chance your initial claim will be denied. The application process is so complex—and the SSA wants to deter those who don’t actually qualify—that 2 out of 3 initial claims are denied for one reason or another.

If you enlisted help from day one, though, and your claim ends up being rejected, you’ll already have an advocate by your side who’s well-versed with your situation. After determining why your claim was denied, your attorney can help you put together an appeal and then file it, so you can still seek the benefits you deserve.

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