What to Know Before Filing a Motorcycle Accident Claim

Motorcycle accidents can be devastating, both physically and financially. Fortunately, if you were hurt in one through no fault of your own, you may be entitled to compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages.

To give your claim the best chance of success, here’s what you should know before proceeding:

1. It’s Crucial to Prioritize Your Health

Even if you don’t think you are seriously injured, it is important to see a doctor as soon as possible after the crash. This will ensure your injuries are documented and help you get the treatment you need before complications arise. It will also show the opposing party that you were determined to mitigate damages from day one, which will only serve to bolster your credibility.

2. Evidence from the Scene Could Be Valuable

Responding officers should have filed a formal report. Obtain a copy as soon as possible after the crash, since it will likely come in handy during the claims process.

Other evidence from the scene that’s worth preserving includes dash camera footage, photos of the wreckage, and statements from eyewitnesses. It’s also advisable to record what happened in your own words immediately following the crash, when important details are still fresh in your mind.

3. The Insurance Adjuster Is Not Your Ally

The insurance company that covers the responsible party will likely contact you soon after the accident. They will ask for a statement about what happened.

It’s important to be careful about how you respond since anything you say can—and probably will—be used against you in your claim. In fact, it’s best to refrain from saying anything at all until you’ve consulted an attorney. And once you do hire representation, you won’t have to correspond with the insurance carrier at all since your legal team will do so on your behalf.

4. Virtually All Associated Losses Are Recoverable

It’s not uncommon for motorcycle accident victims to overlook one or more recoverable damages because they’re unaware that the losses in question are recoverable. Generally speaking, however, almost all the expenses you wouldn’t have incurred had you not gotten hurt can be accounted for in your claim.

These include everything from medical bills and lost wages to the cost of reasonably necessary replacement services. Just make sure to log all damages diligently, so you can prove you actually incurred them.

5. You May Have to Go all the Way to Court

While most valid motorcycle accident claims are settled, a small number of them do make it before a judge. Since legal proceedings are inherently unpredictable, there’s no guarantee that yours won’t be one of them. The good news, however, is that a resourceful personal injury attorney can assist you every step of the way.

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