What Should I Expect from My Personal Injury Attorney?

Those who get hurt through no fault of their own are often wary of seeking legal counsel. Surely the insurance adjuster will guide you through the claims process, right? And as long as the carrier seems sympathetic, hiring someone to advocate on your behalf probably feels unnecessary.

Such logic may be sound, but it fails to account for all that a personal injury attorney does. It also overlooks the fact that the insurance adjuster’s goal is in direct opposition with your own. Whereas the carrier wants to minimize payments so they can maximize revenue, you want to secure every dollar you deserve.

Of course, if you were to hire a lawyer, their sole mission would be the same as yours, and that’s holding the liable party accountable for the damages they caused. More specifically, your attorney will:

1. Investigate the Accident

A resourceful personal injury firm will be equipped to identify all those who played a role in the accident. This includes deposing eyewitnesses and consulting relevant experts.

Once your lawyer has confirmed the facts of the case, they’ll put together a strong claim on your behalf. This, in turn, will allow you to pursue the maximum compensation possible from all liable parties.

2. Compile Evidence

Over the course of their investigation and in the weeks that follow, your legal team will attempt to gather the evidence needed to convince the insurance adjuster that your claim is legitimate. Depending on the circumstances, this might include filing subpoenas, which essentially compel parties to produce records they’re not willing to release otherwise.

For example, if you were hurt in a car accident and you think the motorist who struck you was texting and driving, filing a subpoena with their cell carrier may be the only way to obtain their personal phone records.

3. Negotiate for a Settlement

Insurance adjusters might be strategic negotiators, but reputable attorneys are familiar with all their most common tactics. What’s more, your lawyer will handle all correspondence with the opposing party, so there’s no chance they’ll even be able to manipulate you into accepting an unfair payout.

4. Prepare the Action for Court

As long as your claim is valid, it will most likely be settled. If the insurance adjuster believes they have cause to dispute liability or challenge damages, though, you may have no choice but to file a formal lawsuit. Should this end up being the case, you’ll be glad you enlisted legal help from day one.

Since your attorney will already be familiar with your claim, they’ll be able to put the action together promptly, so you don’t miss any critical filing deadlines. They’ll also help you navigate all subsequent court proceedings.

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