What Are the Effects of a Brain Injury After an Accident?

Unfortunately, when an accident occurs, the head and skull is an area of the body that is left most vulnerable and susceptible to injury. Traumatic Brain Injury is something that can occur in an accident. This form of injury is very serious and can have a countless number of medical side effects. As we all know, the brain is the computer in our bodies that controls every aspect of our daily lives and personality. A brain injury is something that does not simply heal like a broken bone would.

There are two ways to classify a brain injury. The first way is to be classified as a mild brain injury. Many times, a mild brain injury is said to have occurred if an individual has a loss of consciousness and/or confusion that last for a time less than 30 minutes. Some other side effects that occur with a mild brain injury are mood swings, headaches, memory problems, and difficulty thinking/making quick decisions.

The second way a brain injury is classified is to have a serve brain injury. This means that an individual would have a loss of consciousness for more than 30 minutes and there would be substantial memory loss after the accident. Unfortunately for these individuals, the side effects are much more serious than with a mild brain injury. Some of these side effects are atypical speech or language, a complete loss of thinking abilities, or limited function of the outer extremities.

Brain injuries are very serious. Clearly, these injuries will affect the way a person thinks, but sometimes it is the personality change that is so alarming. Many times, an individual with a brain injury will have complete mood swings for no reason. In return, this type of behavior can have a very negative impact on one’s social life, work life, and personal life.

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