Will it cost me any money to bring a Florida slip and fall case?

Will it cost me any money to bring a Florida slip and fall case? | Donaldson & Weston | Dante Weston | Fighting For You | We Represent People Just Like You. Not Big Businesses. Not Insurance Companies | https://dwpersonalinjurylaw.com/ | 311 SE Ocean Blvd., Stuart, Florida 34994 – (772) 266-5555 | 515 N Flagler Dr., Suite P-300, West Palm Beach, Florida 33401 – (561) 299-3999

In the state of Florida, if you’ve been injured in a slip and fall case, typically it will not cost you any money up front to pursue that case. Obviously, I can’t speak for every attorney in the entire state, but the majority of the attorneys here will work on what’s call a contingency fee basis when pursuing your slip and fall case.

What that means is that the attorney will front all the costs and all the bills on your behalf. You’ll never get a bill from that attorney, unless that attorney can reach a recovery for you. If a recovery does occur, if you do reach a recovery, then that attorney will get a percentage of the total recovery as well as any costs that he’s fronted on your case. It’s called a contingency fee basis.

It’s great for our clients. They love it because they don’t have to pay us any money up front, and we only get paid if they’re getting something as well. You will not have to pay any money typically up front, but that’s why we ask that you look at and hire an experienced personal injury attorney, so they’re comfortable working on a contingency fee basis as opposed to charging you up front or hourly.