What is my case worth? | Stuart Injury Lawyers Donaldson & Weston

As an attorney we get this question all the time, what is my case worth? Basically, if you are an injured party your case value is compiled of six total categories, one is past medical bills, what are the actual medical bills that you’ve incurred in the past? The second category is future medical bills, what sort of future medical bills will you require from now until the end of your life? The next category is lost wages, and those can be broken up into two subcategories of past lost wages as well as the future lost earning capacity. That’s pretty self-explanatory.

Then the final category is pain and suffering, and depending on whether or not you’ve met the no fault requirement in an automobile accident, or that requirement doesn’t exist in premises cases. Pain and suffering can be broken up into past pain and suffering and future pain and suffering. The combination of those six categories of damages will make up the total value of your case.