What if I cannot afford to pay my medical bills following my Florida car accident?

If you’re involved in a car crash in the state of Florida and you can’t afford to pay your medical bills, there’s good news. As long as you have automobile insurance, you’re going to have no fault insurance or PIP insurance. That will cover up to $10,000 of your medical treatment. In addition, if you hire an attorney, there’s a chance that if the medical provider has any sort of loose relationship or will work at all on a letter of protection, or LOP, without attorney, they can basically enter into an agreement where they don’t bill you at the time of your treatment or shortly thereafter. They don’t send you to collections. Instead, they’ll hold the bill, and if there’s a recovery on your behalf then the payment to the doctor can come out of that recovery. That’ll help protect your credit, and it’ll help keep the money that you have in your own pocket, as opposed to paying the doctors up front.