What are the common causes of slip and fall accidents? | Stuart Premises Liability Lawyers

In the state of Florida, the most common causes of slip and fall accidents are usually clear liquids on a store floor, whether it’s a Walgreen’s, a Publix, Costco, Home Depot. The majority of accidents, I would say, are probably caused by clear liquids on the floor, going down the aisle, which someone that’s walking, looking at the shelves, which is of course why they’re there in the first place is to look for the items that they intend to purchase, their focus on the shelves, on the items on the shelves, trying to make a good consumer decision, and then there’s some sort of clear liquid that’s impossible for them to see, impossible for them to perceive in any way, on the floor, which ultimately results in them falling and being injured. That is the most common scenario that we see in the state of Florida when it comes to slip and fall cases.