Should I negotiate with the insurance adjuster myself without the help of an attorney in order to settle my Florida auto accident case?

We almost always recommend that our clients do not try to negotiate their cases themselves. We recommend almost always going to hire an experienced personal injury attorney to help them.

The truth is there are too many pitfalls and too many errors that could made on behalf of a non-attorney client trying to do something themselves when it comes to their case. There could be liens on the case that the client is unaware of that haven’t been triggered until they resolve the case. There could be language in a release that an insurance company wants this person to sign that could harm them later down the road, and, finally, they may not be at maximum medical improvement, so they may not know everything that’s wrong with them, and then they settle the case and they can never ask for money again.

There are too many risks involved. We recommend hiring an attorney, getting them involved on a contingency fee basis, which involves no upfront money, and let them help you.