Should I go to the doctor after my Florida car accident? | Stuart Auto Injury Lawyers

Should you go to the doctor after you get involved in an automobile accident? That’s a tough question. That really comes down to your decision. You know your own body. You know what you feel. You know whether you’re experiencing pain or not. We always recommend if a potential client is experiencing pain and feels like they need to see the doctor, then they should. Typically if a client has PIP or no fault insurance and they’re a Florida driver, then that will cover the first $10,000 of medical treatment. It actually covers 80% and up to $10,000. As long as the person treats within the first 14 days and sees a medical doctor or DO and they find that they’ve experienced an emergency medical condition, then that will be maxed out at $10,000. If they don’t do that or if the MD doesn’t find an emergency medical condition, then it’ll actually be capped at $2,500.