Is my Florida landlord liable for injuries sustained on his/her property?

The question is, is a Florida landlord responsible for all injuries sustain on his or her property? This is somewhat complicated and somewhat misunderstood in all fairness. The typical train of thought that most people have is if someone is injured on someone else’s property, just the mere fact that they were injured while on someone else’s property means that that landlord is automatically responsible. In the state of Florida, that is absolutely not true.

Just the mere fact that you’re injured on someone else’s property does not mean that that landlord or the owner of that property is automatically responsible. There are requirements. There’s a legal proof required and the person must prove that there was a dangerous condition on the property, that that dangerous condition was hidden from plain sight and that the landlord in this case knew or should have known of that and failed to warn any sort of invitees or licensees on that property.

If you’re injured while on your landlord’s property and they fail to warn you of a dangerous condition, then you will have a claim. But the mere fact that you were injured on a landlord’s property does not mean that you automatically have a claim.