Are insurance companies that pay medical bills after a Florida bicycle accident owed reimbursement if I get money in a lawsuit?

In the state of Florida as well as throughout the United States, insurance companies have what’s called a right of reimbursement for any payments that they’ve made on behalf of someone, in which that person recovers money as a result of that same claim. In other words, if an accident happens and the insurance company pays for medical treatment, surgeries or anything related to the injuries from that accident, the lien that the health insurance company has has not occurred yet. The minute that person recovers one dollar from a case related to those injuries, all of a sudden at that point, the lien will take effect and then at that point the person will owe the money back to the insurance company based on how much they paid.

With that understanding, typically those health insurance liens can be reduced and it’s something that an experienced personal injury attorney can handle on behalf of a client.