Can I recover from a Florida store for injuries sustained when I slipped on a spilled liquid and fell?

In the state of Florida when it comes to slip and fall cases and slip and fall law the law is very specific. When it comes to commercial premises, whether it’s stores, offices, places open to the public, the owners of that property have a responsibility not only to warn of known hidden dangers, including transitory and foreign substances, or liquids on the floor, a fancy way of saying liquids on the floor, but they also have a responsibility to inspect for those potential items and then remedy them, clean them up, fix them so no one falls in them.

There is no higher standard than what a business invitee or a business would have to give to the potential customers that are walking through their stores. As a result if you’ve fallen on some sort of liquid or substance on the floor of a business you absolutely have the right to file a claim against them, assuming that they either knew or should have known of that substance and failed to fix it.