Are there alternatives to going to court in a Florida slip and fall case?

In Florida slip and fall cases there are alternatives rather than going to a full-blown jury trial. In fact, typically most cases settle without actually having to go to trial. When it comes to premises liability cases, what are referred to often times as slip and fall cases, most of them do not have to go to a full-blown trial to get a recovery for the injured party; however, probably a higher percentage than when we look at, for example, auto cases, a higher percentage of slip and fall cases do have to go into litigation, which does require actually filing a lawsuit on behalf of the injured party by an attorney.

Typically we almost always recommend that an injured party, when it comes to a slip and fall or a premises liability case, we recommend that that injured party hire an attorney immediately because more likely than not their case will have to have a lawsuit filed. As a result, getting an attorney involved always immediately is almost always a good idea.