Types of Recoverable Damages in Pharmacy Error Cases

The ramifications of a pharmacy error can vary greatly from one case to the next. For example, some patients suffer little to no adverse consequences from taking the wrong medication or dosage; others suffer permanent disabilities or die. Given this disparity, the types of damages recoverable and the settlement calculations can vary profoundly from case to case.

Depending on the circumstances, pharmacy error victims may be able to recover compensation for:

  • The Cost of Past and Future Medical Care: Any medical bills you’ve already incurred as a result of the error can be included in the settlement calculations, as can the medical costs that you’re reasonably certain to incur in the future. If you’re going to require ongoing care, it’s likely that the testimony of a medical expert will be needed to prove the cost of future healthcare services. Fortunately, our Boynton Beach pharmacy error lawyers work with several well-credentialed medical experts who can provide testimony.
  • Lost Income: If you had to miss work due to an injury or illness that was caused by the pharmacy error, you have the right to pursue compensation for lost income.
  • Loss of Future Earnings: It’s not uncommon for victims of medical negligence to suffer a long-term reduction in income-earning capacity. This loss of future income can be included in the settlement calculations.
  • Property Repairs: Although most pharmacy error cases don’t involve property damage, there are occasions when claimants can pursue such damages. If, for example, you crashed your car due to fatigue that was induced by taking mislabeled medication, the at-fault party might have to pay for repairing or replacing your vehicle.
  • Other Expenses: There are many kinds of economic damages that might be recoverable in a pharmacy error claim. Examples include domestic help, child care, and alternative transportation.
  • Pain and Suffering: If you or your loved one suffered a permanent disability, your claim can account for pain and suffering damages.
  • Loss of Consortium: The spouse of a pharmacy error victim might be able to recover compensation for loss of consortium if the error caused a loss of sexual relationship, affection, solace, companionship, or society.
  • Loss of Enjoyment in Life: The side effects of a medication error could prevent the victim from participating in loved activities, hobbies, and social events. If this has happened to you, it may be possible to recover compensation for lost enjoyment tin life.

How Much Is My Pharmacy Error Claim Worth?

Because there are so many factors that can affect the settlement calculations, it’s impossible to estimate the potential value of your claim before performing a thorough investigation. The cost of medical care, the permanence of your injury, how the injury has affected your lifestyle, the amount of time you spent out of work recovering, and your pre-injury income could all affect the potential value of your case.

Our Boynton Beach pharmacy error attorneys will help you account for all damages you may be owed. We’ll make sure the insurance company treats you fairly, and if a settlement cannot be reached, we’re not afraid to take your case to trial.