Top Reasons To Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer

It is important to understand the reasons to hire a personal injury lawyer. It’s common that a lot of individuals try to settle personal injury claims for themselves. Specifically when most claims come to settling against an insurance company, more times than not, getting a decent offer comes with a lot of work. In most cases, potential clients put themselves in a place where they can’t receive fully deserved compensation. Normally the reasons tend to result from saying something or doing something that permanently damages their case.


Top Legal Reasons to Hire a Personal Injury Attorney


  • Negotiating Compensation – Hiring a personal injury lawyer is not only a great consideration but is known to add to the level of compensation most clients receive. The odds are most personal injury cases can be resolved outside of court. Avoiding the cost of bringing the case to court and the effort that goes into presenting your case in front of a judge and jury is better. Agreeing on out of court settlements avoid insurance companies lowering settlement amounts to clients who don’t have anyone representing them.


  • Contingency Pay – It is highly likely that your personal injury attorney works on a contingency basis. Which means if they don’t win, the client doesn’t have to pay. This is a good guarantee that within the free consultation most law firms offer, lawyers will not take the case unless they know they are most likely to win. One of the best reasons to hire a personal injury lawyer. Which benefits both, the client and the lawyer. On average the contingency is a percentage of the settlement which can range between 30%-40% of the settled amount. However, there is no set percentage and the amount can be discussed in length with a potential personal injury lawyer and agreed upon prior to taking the case.


  • Experience & Knowledge – Most insurance adjusters will recommend not contacting a lawyer, for this reason. Studies have shown that people who are represented by attorneys tend to receive larger settlements than those who don’t hire a personal injury attorney.
    Considering, attorneys are familiar with the law, insurance companies would rather deal with a client who is unfamiliar rather than someone who is experienced. Hiring a lawyer, for instance, that is knowledgeable in Florida state, county, and municipality law alleviates the complexities of understanding your rights in Florida as a state and the laws applicable to the county. Second, determining fault in certain cases and establishing liability can vary especially within statute of limitations. A personal injury lawyer is good to have to help you, as the client, understand the different rules that apply to different scenarios.


  • Liens – It is common in car accidents or personal injury, that doctors, medical bills, insurers, etc., will have to be compensated for the damages you are recovering from. In many cases, once a claim is settled, the individual will have to pay back liens to these companies or doctors if the settlement doesn’t cover all expenses. This may leave the client with nothing. Personal injury lawyers can help with legitimacy on certain liens and help negotiate prices down for legitimate ones.


  • Representation – Any statements being made to specific handlers, such as the insurance adjuster, will be recorded. Considering their main goal is to get you to say anything they can hold against you for a smaller settlement, they know how to pick and choose questions to get you to say anything they can use against your claim. Having a personal injury lawyer means they can do the talking without having to worry about being a witness or cross-examined in court. And in the event that the case winds up in court, having a personal injury attorney gives the client a fair chance to be represented in court on their behalf. Hiring an attorney with experience can also increase the settlement amount ensuring that the client receives payment for all damages in a court of law.


  • Contacts – Not only do personal injury lawyers know what to say, but they are keen to deadlines involved in these personal injury cases. They also have the contacts to help settle the case or claim with the necessary components.


Top Personal Reasons to Hire A Personal Injury Attorney


  • They Are The Expert – Avoid the hassle. Sometimes it’s not just about the money but letting someone else worry about the stress that comes with talking to the doctors, bills, insurance companies, and all the financials. Being able to focus on you and your loved ones relieves you of the pressure of having to deal with the paperwork, property damage, medical and property bills, and answering questions you don’t even know where to begin how to answer. Personal Injury lawyers have a system that is streamlined to handle all the details effectively and properly. As the expert, they know how to answer questions, deal with the insurance companies, and keep the client from making any detrimental mistakes to their claim.
  • Complicated Legal Procedures – Confusing medical terms, complicated procedures, and the piles of paperwork are part of dealing with personal injury cases. One of the biggest reasons to hire a personal injury lawyer: an experienced lawyer can alleviate the client from dealing in the details and understand how to work the maze of necessities to resolve the claim.
  • Being Objective – A lot of emotions come with personal injury. Emotions that can cloud judgement or see facts clearly. Leaving the decision to a professional can help avoid rash decisions that may hurt your case or claim. Waiting for payouts versus taking a quick payout to protect your interests.
  • Other Lawyers – The odds are, even insurance companies have attorneys to represent them in a case or claim. Letting a personal injury lawyer deal with the other side’s lawyer can help cases move quickly and effectively. Specifically when working with facts and documentation.
  • Insurance Companies – Personal injury lawyers are experienced in dealing with insurance companies and the tactics they will use to settle for a smaller amount. Or, pressure the client to settle for an unsatisfactory amount.
  • Judge and Jury – Personal injury lawyers work towards achieving the best strategy designed to help get any and all compensation for damages. Representing the client fairly and properly, for the best chance at the highest settlement.
  • Investigations – Fair settlements all require a thorough investigation of the case. Being most individuals haven’t been through a personal injury claim, it may be hard to understand how to gather all the information needed. Personal injury attorneys know where to start the investigation and how to gather all the documentation needed to represent the client properly and gain leverage for higher compensation. Their skillful investigative and technical examinations can bolster the case.


Consider Speaking to a Personal Injury Lawyer if…

There are a few cases that may not require a personal injury attorney’s help. You may consider hiring a personal injury lawyer if:


  • If you or your family has dealt with emotional pain and suffering
  • If you considered the settlement or claim will not cover your losses
  • You have missed work due to injury or recovery
  • Temporary or permanent disability
  • The accident is seriously injured you or a loved one or resulted in someone’s death
  • You are unsure about the extent or your losses


These attorneys specialize in areas that handle cases from inception to appeal. They speak with potential clients and investigate claims. Once they evaluate the value of their cases, they gather evidence, design theories, and research Florida law in Stuart. They also request motions, interview witnesses and draft pleadings. All good to understand as reasons to hire a personal injury lawyer.

Even when trial is not involved the personal injury lawyer represents their clients fairly. They also counsel them in dealing with their adversaries.

A lot of the driving force behind a personal injury lawyer’s motive is knowing that they are helping injured victims and their families receive everything they deserve.

Finding a lawyer that is specific to your niche type case is beneficial to these complex lawsuits.



All attorney’s require education. Law degrees, examinations, undergraduate degrees, and high test scores. In addition to becoming a certified specialist in civil trial. Which is accredited by a non-profit organization by the American Bar Association who provides attorneys with board certifications.

It is known that many state laws require personal injury lawyers to pass Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination (the MPRE).


Personal Skills

Personal Injury attorneys usually excel in oral advocacy and client development. They are also developed to handle stress.

Considering cases can drag out for years before they are resolved, this makes many personal injury attorneys efficient in time management. Not only are they taking on cases that last a significant amount of time but they are also balancing cases that have a higher demand in attention and in a short time span.


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