Swimming Pool Accidents in Florida: Protect Your Family

With the warm days of spring upon us and summer right around the corner, spending the day around the swimming pool will soon be a regular occurrence. Unfortunately, swimming pool injuries occur far too often, and, sadly, there are many deaths per year involving pools. In a recent study completed by the Center for Disease Control, children ages 1-4 were at the greatest risk of injury due to swimming pools. Additionally, males were more likely to suffer pool related injuries as compared to females. The state of Florida has one of the highest fatality rates in all of the United States.

While swimming pools can be dangerous, there are always preventative measures that anyone can take to make pools much safer. First, supervision around a pool, especially with younger children, is an absolute must. Drowning is something that happens quickly and having a designated adult supervising children in the pool will help cut down on swimming pool fatalities. Next, having the proper fencing around a pool can help save lives. A fence surrounding an in-ground pool will create a barrier between the young child and the pool and will help reduce the risk of a young child drowning. Last, swimming lessons can help reduce swimming pool incidents by a dramatic level. Since children ages 1-4 are at the highest risk of drowning, teaching these children to swim at a young age is imperative. Not only will this cut down on the number of drowning deaths, it will also allow children to get exercise and have fun while doing it.

Swimming pools are a great source of fun, however they are also a great risk. With proper supervision and adequate safety measures, swimming pool incidents here in the state of Florida can be cut down immensely.

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