Should I hire an attorney

Some people do not retain an attorney after an accident has occurred in which they have possibly injured themselves even if it was not their fault. They either do not believe that it is necessary or because they do not want to be perceived by others as litigious.

Their injuries may have long lasting effects that health insurance may not cover. They may lose their ability to work at their job or economically equivalent placements.  They may lose the ability to interact with friends and family members to some degree.

By hiring an attorney, you are protecting your rights.  If you wait too long to retain an attorney, you may lose your legal right to seek money damages.  Money damages can include reimbursement for medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages and emotional trauma. This loss can be significant particularly where the future cost of your injury is unknown.

Also, by hiring an attorney, you are ensuring that your own auto insurance pays the benefits that you are entitled to under Florida law.  Under the Florida Motor Vehicle No-Fault Law or “PIP” law, when a person or their resident relative is injured in an automobile accident they are entitled to medical benefits through their personal injury protection coverage. In 2012, the Florida legislature amended the PIP law, which now requires that an injured person seek treatment within 14 days after the automobile accident or lose their medical benefits afforded under their PIP coverage.

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