Royal Palm Beach Bicycle Accident Lawyers

Bicycling may not be an extreme sport, but it poses many of the same risks as activities like BMX racing, kiteboarding, and parachuting. More than 800 cyclistswere killed in motor-vehicle accidents in 2015 alone, and nearly 467,000 sustained injuries.

If you or someone in your family was hurt in a bicycle accident, you probably already know that the costs associated with recovering can add up fast. Fortunately, those who are injured while cycling may be able to recover compensation for the damages they incur. To determine if your family has grounds for a claim, contact Donaldson & Weston.

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Why You Should Hire a Seasoned Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Although it is possible to file a claim without legal guidance, seeking counsel from seasoned personal injury lawyers could streamline the process considerably and help you avoid costly mistakes. Your bicycle accident attorney can:

  • Handle all correspondence with the insurance adjuster;

  • Track all economic damages;

  • Estimate a reasonable figure for non-economic damages;

  • Interview eyewitnesses;

  • Obtain statements from accident reconstruction experts regarding the cause of the incident;

  • Obtain statements from medical specialists regarding the severity of your injuries and their prognosis;

  • Consult with economists and relevant industry experts regarding lost income and, if applicable, loss of earning capacity;

  • Review relevant laws that could affect the outcome of your case;

  • Obtain the official police report and consult with all responding officers;

  • Gather critical evidence that may be hard to obtain without legal pressure including cell phone records, dash cam footage, and recordings from surveillance cameras near the scene;

  • Negotiate with the opposing party on your behalf; and

  • Take the case to court if necessary.

Having someone handle the logistics of your claim can greatly reduce the stress associated with the proceedings. Your attorney can also prevent you from accepting a payout that's much lower than you deserve.

Claimants who attempt to navigate the legal system alone often make critical errors early in the proceedings without even realizing it. Even something as seemingly benign as posting about an outing on social media could give the opposing party reason to question the validity of your claim. By seeking legal counsel from day one, you can avoid hurting your chances of recovering the compensation you deserve.