Riviera Beach Nursing Home Neglect Lawyers

Finding out that an elderly loved one has suffered nursing home abuse is utterly devastating. It’s natural to feel angry, sad, and even somewhat guilty upon hearing the news.

Although nothing can undo the trauma your loved one has experienced, you may be able to hold the liable caregiver or facility accountable for any damages your family member has incurred. Filing a personal injury claim could also inspire positive changes that save other residents from the same mistreatment.

If you have questions about the claims process, contact Donaldson & Weston. Our compassionate nursing home abuse lawyers have helped hundreds of families resolve complicated personal injury and wrongful death claims. Call 561-299-3999 to schedule a free case evaluation with one of the leading nursing home neglect attorneys in Riviera Beach.

What Questions Will My Attorney Ask During the Initial Consultation?

To ensure your case gets off to a strong start, you should prepare for the initial consultation by considering your answers to the following questions:

  • Was the abuse ongoing or did it occur in a single, isolated incident?

  • When was the first known instance of abuse?

  • When and why did you first suspect there was something wrong?

  • What did you do upon learning your loved one had suffered neglect or abuse?

  • Was the abuse committed by just one staff member, or were there multiple offenders?

  • Has the facility’s insurance company reached out to you?

  • Have you provided any recorded statements to the insurance adjuster?

  • What kinds of evidence have you been able to gather of liability?

  • What kinds of evidence have you been able to gather of damages?

  • How is your loved one’s health and mental state now?

  • Is your relative still living at the home where the abuse occurred?

  • Did you bring the abuse to the attention of the nursing home administrator, and if so, how did he or she respond?

  • Does the facility know you are commencing a personal injury claim against them?

  • Were any other residents involved as either victims or perpetrators?