Riviera Beach Boating Accident Lawyers

Boating accidents don’t receive nearly as much publicity as car crashes, but they can be just as catastrophic. Serious injuries and fatalities are likely in the event that a boat capsizes or collides with another vessel.

If you were involved in a boating accident, suing those liable for the incident will not undo any trauma that it caused; however, it may enable you to recover the compensation you need to put your life back together. To determine if you have grounds for a claim, contact Donaldson & Weston.

We use first-rate experts, cutting-edge technology, and proven negotiation strategies to protect our clients and maximize the potential value of their claims. Call 561-299-3999 to schedule a free case evaluation with a personal injury lawyer in Riviera Beach.

Mistakes to Avoid During the Boating Accident Claims Process

Building a winning boating accident claim is challenging, especially for those who are not well versed in personal injury law. It is relatively easy to make a misstep that jeopardizes your chances of recovering the compensation you may deserve. Mistakes to avoid during the claims process include:

  • Failing to photograph any visible injuries;

  • Failing to track all economic damages;

  • Providing a recorded statement to the insurer;

  • Commencing negotiations before reaching maximum medical improvement;

  • Accepting fault;

  • Letting critical deadlines pass;

  • Postponing medical care or ignoring doctor’s orders; and

  • Posting about the accident or the subsequent claim online.

You can avoid making the mistakes mentioned above by seeking legal counsel from day one. When you let Donaldson & Weston handle the logistics of your case, you can focus on your health while we gather evidence, track damages, and handle all correspondence with the insurance adjuster.

Don’t Go up Against the Insurance Company Alone

Insurance adjusters are professional negotiators who are not above using devious tactics to get claimants to accept unfair payouts. They might misconstrue recorded statements, misrepresent the total coverage available, or prolong the proceedings until the injured party is desperate for a settlement of any size.

You can avoid falling victim to such tactics by hiring a boating accident lawyer from our team. We have established a reputation for fighting relentlessly on behalf of our clients, and since insurance adjusters know we are not afraid to take cases to court, they are often inclined to offer fair settlements early in the claims process.