Port Salerno Burn Injury Lawyer

Sustaining a burn injury can be utterly devastating. Severe burns may require lengthy hospital stays, multiple reconstructive surgeries, and extensive rehabilitation.

There are dozens of different accident scenarios that can cause burns, but they all have one element in common; they’re virtually all preventable. Unfortunately, knowing that an injury was caused by another person’s negligence only adds to the depression and frustration that burn victims must overcome.

If you suffered a burn because of someone else’s carelessness or intentional act, you may have grounds for a personal injury claim. To determine the most strategic way to proceed with your case, contact Donaldson & Weston.

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Questions Your Burn Injury Attorney Might Ask During the Initial Consultation

To ensure your case gets off to a strong start, it’s a good idea to prepare for the initial consultation. Besides bringing any evidence you have gathered, you should also consider your answers to the questions that your attorney is likely to ask such as:

  • What were you doing right before the accident occurred? Is there a chance the opposing party will argue you are partially liable?

  • Were you conscious after the accident? If so, what did you do immediately after?

  • Did you sustain any other injuries besides burns?

  • How soon after the incident did you receive medical care?

  • Have you had any reconstructive surgery since the accident?

  • What is your prognosis? Do doctors anticipate any permanent disabilities?

  • What are your rehabilitation needs? For example, are you attending physical therapy regularly?

  • How long were you hospitalized after the accident?

  • Since being released from the hospital, how have the burns affected your everyday life?

  • Have you returned to work yet? If not, do doctors anticipate that you will ever return?

  • How have the injuries impacted your self-confidence? Do you feel as though you have a lower quality of life now?

  • How have the injuries impacted your loved ones? Does anyone miss work in order to take care of you?

  • Did police arrive at the scene of the accident? If so, did they make any arrests or conduct any chemical tests?

  • Did anyone witness the incident that caused your burns? Did you get their contact information?

  • Have you had any correspondence with the opposing party?

  • Have you given any recorded statements to the insurance adjuster?

  • Are you active on social media? If so, have you posted anything about the accident or your burns online?