Palm City Bicycle Accident Lawyers

When motorists fail to look out for cyclists in traffic, the consequences are often catastrophic. Collisions between cars and bikes are almost always devastating for the riders involved because unlike cars, bikes do not have a crumple zone to protect from the force of impact.

While cyclists also have a duty to look out for those in traffic around them, they will not cause the same kind of damage should they end up striking a vehicle with their bike. In bicycle accidents, it is rare for the passenger vehicle occupants to sustain serious injuries. Riders, on the other hand, will likely require emergency care at the scene.

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How to Calculate Damages in Palm City Bicycle Accident Claims

The total damages incurred in the wake of a bicycle accident can be significant. In order to protect your financial security, it is pertinent that you consider all of them when estimating a fair settlement amount. Otherwise, you could end up accepting a payout that is far less than you deserve. And once the money runs out, you may have to cover the costs associated with your injuries out of pocket.

The following records can help your attorney determine the precise economic impact of a bicycle accident:

  • Itemized hospital bills;

  • Health insurance statements;

  • Medical records;

  • Property repair quotes;

  • Pay stubs and income statements;

  • Recent tax returns;

  • Home care invoices;

  • Domestic help invoices; and

  • Pharmacy receipts.

Pursuing compensation for all the damages listed above may help protect your family’s financial security; however, these are not the only damages bicycle accident victims might incur. At the end of the day, sustaining serious injuries can affect your overall quality of life, and you may deserve to be compensated for the resulting non-economic damages such as:

  • Pain and suffering;

  • Mental anguish;

  • Emotional distress;

  • Disability;

  • Scarring and disfigurement; and

  • Loss of enjoyment of life.

Since non-economic damages are not accompanied by receipts, records, or invoices, your lawyer must use other means to calculate their total. The two most widely accepted formulas—the multiplier method and the per diem approach—take the severity of the injuries into account. You can prove the severity of your injuries using:

  • Medical records;

  • Diagnostic images;

  • Photographs of visible wounds as they progress;

  • Daily journal entries;

  • Statements from the friends and loved ones who are caring for you; and

  • Testimony from medical experts regarding your symptoms, diagnosis, and prognosis.