Palm Beach Gardens Boating Accident

If you want to file a boating accident claim in Florida, turn to Donaldson & Weston. We will help you gather evidence to prove liability and damages against all responsible parties.

Every boating accident may be different, but most of them have at least a few elements in common. For example, every incident on the water poses the risk of serious injury. Perhaps more devastating, though, is the fact that virtually all such accidents are preventable.

When a boat operator is reckless or negligent, it's usually the vessel's passengers or those in the vicinity who end up suffering the most. If you were hurt in a boating accident that could have been prevented had the liable party exercised reasonable care, you may be entitled to compensation for the damages.

To determine how you should proceed, contact Donaldson & Weston. Our personal injury attorneys are dedicated to getting our clients the results they deserve.

We have helped hundreds of families put their lives back together after suffering in the wake of a devastating accident. Call 561-299-3999 to schedule a free case evaluation with one of our compassionate Palm Beach Gardens boating accident lawyers.

We Will Make Sure the Insurance Company Treats You Fairly

The defendant's insurer has incentive to deny or at least undervalue your claim, especially if your injuries are severe. They might do this by disputing liability or by challenging the various damages you claim to have incurred. And since insurance adjusters are essentially professional negotiators, you may not even realize you are being treated unfairly.

When you hire a boating accident lawyer from Donaldson & Weston, you will not have to correspond with the opposing party at all. We will handle all the logistics of your case so you can focus on your health.

This will ensure the insurer does not get the opportunity to apply devious or unethical tactics in order to manipulate you into accepting less than you deserve. Such tactics include:

  • Commencing negotiations before you reach maximum medical improvement;

  • Prolonging the proceedings until you feel so desperate you will settle for any amount;

  • Misleading you regarding the amount of insurance coverage available;

  • Challenging every piece of evidence that you submit; and

  • Convincing you to accept at least some degree of fault.

When a boating accident attorney is acting on your behalf, the insurance adjuster is unlikely to try any of the above tactics. And when you hire this attorney from Donaldson & Weston, the opposing party will know you are serious about holding the defendant financially accountable. We have earned a reputation for fighting relentlessly for our clients, which makes insurance adjusters more inclined to offer a fair settlement.