Make Sure Your Nursing Home Abuse Attorney Has These Qualities

Taking action against a nursing home is inherently challenging. Like other medical institutions, long-term care facilities anticipate litigation. As such, they’re always on guard and ready to challenge any claim that comes their way.

Don’t let that intimidate you, though. With the right nursing home abuse attorney, you can take on even the largest health care institution.

If you’re wondering what the “right” lawyer looks like, here are a few qualities you should seek in legal counsel:

1. Relevant Experience

Because nursing home abuse claims are so complex, it’s imperative that you turn to someone who’s well-versed in their many nuances. During your first meeting, ask how much of the firm’s casework involves claims that are similar to your own. If they’ve resolved only a handful of such cases since their founding, it may be wise to look elsewhere for legal guidance.

2. Resourcefulness

Gathering enough evidence to convince the insurance adjuster of both liability and damages is no small feat. It demands help from a vast professional network, which not all personal injury firms have.

Before hiring the attorney you’re considering, ask what kinds of experts they have access to when it comes to investigating nursing home abuse. You should also inquire about their ability to secure a satisfactory verdict in court. If settling proves impossible, do they have the resources needed to pursue litigation on your behalf?

3. Tenacity

Sadly, some lawyers are willing to accept lesser settlements on behalf of their clients if it means avoiding the hassle of going to trial. You deserve representation from someone who’s determined to see your case through to the end, even if that means putting in several extra weeks—or months—of work.

To gauge a firm’s persistence, ask about their track record when it comes to court. If they’ve been around for a while and they’ve never gone to trial, it could be a sign that they’re not as tenacious as others in the field.

4. Compassion

Learning a loved one has been neglected or abused by nursing home staff is utterly traumatic. While you want your attorney to be forceful with the opposing party, they should remain warm and compassionate with you and your family.

When discussing what happened with your legal team, you should feel comfortable sharing personal details about your family in general and the victim in particular. This might include information regarding the victim’s health and/or your family’s financial situation.

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