Loxahatchee Pharmacy Error Lawyers

Whenever you visit a doctor, it is reasonable to assume that any medication he or she prescribes will improve or at least stabilize your condition. Although all drugs have the potential to cause side effects, they are not approved by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration if they do more harm than good.

If the pharmacist makes a mistake when preparing the prescription, though, there’s a chance the medication will worsen your condition. In such a scenario, you may be entitled to compensation for all resulting damages; however, before you can recover a single dime, you will have to gather compelling evidence to prove liability and damages.

This is where a pharmacy error lawyer can help.

If you want to file a personal injury lawsuit following a medication mistake, a seasoned attorney from Donaldson & Weston will handle the logistics of your case so you can focus on your health. We show clients we care by listening carefully, responding honestly to their questions, addressing their concerns, and being accessible when they call. To schedule a free case evaluation with a pharmacy error attorney in Loxahatchee, dial 561-299-3999.

Do I Have Grounds for a Medication Error Claim?

If your medication causes negative side effects or fails to alleviate the condition for which it was prescribed, that does not necessarily mean you were the victim of a pharmacy error. In order to have grounds for a claim against the pharmacist or perhaps the facility where the prescription was filled, you must be able to prove three elements.

First, you must prove the pharmacist or facility owed you a duty of care. This is the easiest element to prove because simply bringing your prescription to the pharmacy establishes such a duty. As a customer of the pharmacy, you deserve quality service, which includes receiving medication that is the proper drug and dosage.

Second, you must prove the pharmacist somehow breached the established duty of care. Perhaps he or she misinterpreted the prescription or asked an inexperienced technician to fill it. Regardless of the particular circumstances, it is wise to turn to a pharmacy error lawyer for help determining the breach that occurred and then gathering evidence of it.

Third, you must prove that you incurred losses as a direct result of the breach. For example, if your condition worsened because you ended up taking the wrong medication, that would be considered a loss. Likewise, missing work to recover would also be considered a loss. Potentially recoverable damages include:

  • Medical bills;

  • Lost income;

  • Pain and suffering;

  • Mental anguish;

  • Emotional distress; and

  • Home care.