John Travolta sexual harassment scandal

Pretty much everyone, young and old, knows John Travolta in the movie Saturday Night Fever.  And even if you don’t follow US Weekly or the National Enquirer, you have heard and entertained or shocked by the John Travolta masseuse solicitation cases.  Its always interesting how Travolta can live his whole life without being accused of this and now all of a sudden he has 3 massage therapist that have accused him in a matter of a few weeks.

First it was a couple suing Travolta in federal court under the cloak of anonymity.  John and Jane Doe intend to keep their identities anonymous.  Now we have a third individual who has accused Travolta of being propositioned for sexual favors while Travolta was receiving a massage.

At Donaldson & Weston, we represent the victims of assault as well as battery.  Victims of assault may have a claim against their attackers as well as the entity which owns or manages the property where the incident occurred for not providing adequate security.  This type of claim is often referred to as negligent security and is often overlooked by most attorneys.

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