How to Strengthen Your Bicycle Accident Claim

Across the United States, almost 1,000 bicyclists are killed in motor-vehicle collisions every single year. What’s more, an additional 130,000 cyclists sustain injuries in car crashes on American roads annually.

If you were seriously hurt in a bicycle accident with a reckless driver, you may be thinking about taking action. While filing a personal injury claim won’t restore your health or undo what happened, it could at least provide the funds you need to make your life whole again.

Unfortunately, since every case is unique—and every tort proceeding is inherently unpredictable—there’s no way to guarantee any given claim will be successful. There are steps you can take, though, to bolster your case, so it has the best chance of yielding a payout. Read on to learn what they are:

1. Preserve All Potential Evidence

Every winning bicycle accident claim is supported by lots of compelling evidence. While a resourceful legal team can gather much of it on your behalf, chances are you already have at least a few pieces of proof in your possession. Examples include photographs of the scene, statements from eyewitnesses, official reports, and helmet cam footage.

Should you have any of the above (or any other potential proof), make sure to store it in a safe place until you can turn it over to your attorney. It’s also wise to make copies and then keep the extras elsewhere just in case the originals get lost or damaged.

2. Lay Low Online

When recovering from your injuries, you might be inclined to turn to social media for support. It’s best to lay low, however, because the insurance adjuster will probably scrutinize your online activity in the wake of the wreck.

They’ll be looking for any reason to devalue or even deny your claim, and if the content you post doesn’t necessarily align with the statements you make, it could prompt a dispute that ultimately jeopardizes your case.

3. Consult a Lawyer

While you’re entitled to represent yourself during the personal injury claims process, it’s important to remember that insurance adjusters are essentially professional negotiators. Moreover, their primary goal is to protect the carrier’s bottom line, no matter how sympathetic they might seem.

As such, you cannot rely on them to advocate for you. A seasoned attorney, on the other hand, will assert your rights at every stage of the proceedings. Their primary goal will be the same as yours, which is securing every dollar you deserve. And since most reputable personal injury firms only charge fees when the claims are actually successful, you’ve got nothing to lose by enlisting help.

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