How to Choose the Best Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

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Few things are as devastating as realizing that your loved one has suffered from serious abuse in a nursing home facility. If you are a resident and suffer from abuse, meanwhile, you are likely coping with painful injuries—both physical and mental. At Donaldson & Weston, our diligent team of Stuart nursing home abuse lawyers has assisted many Florida families with seeking justice after a devastating incident. Having the right lawyer at your side during this traumatic time can make a huge difference. The best nursing home abuse lawyers have dedicated a substantial section of their practice to this specialized area of the law and will know which pieces of evidence to obtain in order to hold a nursing home facility responsible. Whether you have questions about signs of nursing home abuse, or you are currently involved in a lawsuit, we are ready to assist you.

How to Find the Best Lawyer for Your Nursing Home Abuse Case

Florida has very thorough and specific laws regarding nursing home abuse that are intended to provide residents with comprehensive protections and recourse in the event that abuse takes place. It is important to note that abuse can encompass many different actions, including emotional, sexual, and financial abuse. Many people associate nursing home abuse with violence or threats of violence, but nursing home staff also engage in other types of abuse that can have equally damaging effects on the victim. The best nursing home abuse attorney will understand the signs of each of these types of abuse and will know how to gather specific evidence to show that the nursing home staff engaged in inappropriate acts. A nursing home facility may claim that it had no knowledge of the misconduct that its employees were perpetrating, but Florida’s vicarious liability doctrine holds employers responsible for the tortious acts that their employees commit during the course and scope of employment. A seasoned nursing home abuse lawyer will be able to draw this connection to ensure that the facility is also held responsible for its employees’ egregious conduct.

When it comes to nursing home residents’ rights, Florida law guarantees them many different things that are aimed at ensuring a certain amount of freedom and quality of life. A facility must provide appropriate nutrition and medical assistance, for example, while allowing residents to associate freely with other individuals. The best nursing home abuse attorneys are well-versed in Florida’s extensive laws and will be able to identify every violation involved in your situation.

Many families have questions about the type of compensation that they can receive in a nursing home abuse case. Residents in nursing homes who suffer physical, emotional, or financial harm are entitled to receive compensation for many different categories of damages, such as past and future medical expenses. If the injuries that the resident sustains result in permanent or ongoing physical conditions, the defendant will be required to provide enough compensation to cover those expenses in the future after the litigation is resolved. Since medical bills are expensive, ensuring that you receive enough compensation for the future is critical and something that the best attorneys will be able to help you maximize. In the event that the nursing home staff or business engaged in particularly egregious conduct, the plaintiff can also seek punitive damages, which is a special category of damages designed to punish defendants for intentional or reckless conduct.

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At Donaldson & Weston, we have seen how devastating nursing home abuse can be for a victim and his or her loved ones. Reaching the final years of your life can bring enough difficulty and stress, but needing to deal with abuse and neglect can place serious burdens on an entire family. We ensure that each client receives knowledgeable and personalized legal counsel at every phase of the process. With clients in Palm Beach, Martin, and St. Lucie Counties, including in Stuart, Jupiter, and Port St. Lucie, we provide a free consultation to assist you with exploring your rights. Call us now at 772-266-5555 or contact us online to get started.