How to Choose the Best Car Accident Lawyer

Motor Vehicle Collision Attorneys Assisting Victims in the Stuart Area

One of the most daunting aspects of being injured in a car accident is figuring out which attorney to choose, especially if you have never been involved in a legal dispute before. The dedicated Stuart car accident lawyers at Donaldson & Weston proudly provide responsive and knowledgeable legal counsel to victims. We know what it takes to preserve a victim’s rights and hold accountable those who have harmed them.

The best car accident lawyer to advance your right to compensation will focus entirely on personal injury cases, which is what our firm does. Our substantial experience with personal injury cases also means that we know how to be creative when it comes to handling insurance companies and defendants. Although some attorneys may claim that they are the best due to their aggressive approach, we believe that being the best means being able to secure the best results for our clients. This will mean different things in different situations: more compensation, holding an insurance company to its policy terms, or securing a faster result that maximizes your compensation while also reducing large medical bills. If you were involved in a car accident and are searching for the best lawyer to handle your claim, we can help you understand what you should seek.

Asserting Your Legal Rights After a Car Accident

There are many different claims that you can potentially bring against a defendant to recover compensation. The best personal injury lawyers will be familiar with the full range of potential claims and understand how to apply as many relevant legal theories as possible to your situation to maximize your chance of obtaining the compensation that you deserve. Some of the causes of action that may apply in your situation include claims against a bar or liquor establishment for overserving the person who struck you, vicarious liability claims against the employer of the defendant, or uninsured motorist claims against your own insurer. In your lawsuit, you can assert multiple causes of action against the person who caused the accident as well as other defendants who may be liable for your damages. A prudent attorney will investigate your claim thoroughly before filing the action to make sure that all potentially liable parties are included in the lawsuit and to ensure that you assert all of the applicable causes of action.

The main basis for liability in a car accident case is the concept of negligence. In general, we are all required to drive our vehicles with the same ordinary care and skill that a prudent driver would use when faced with a similar situation. If a driver fails to abide by this standard by violating traffic laws or engaging in distracted driving activities, for example, the defendant has breached the standard of care. Pinpointing the nature of the defendant’s negligent conduct can be difficult. The best car accident lawyers will assist you with gathering as much evidence as possible.

In many situations, it is helpful or even essential to retain an expert witness to testify on your behalf about how the accident happened. Our team of trial lawyers can assist you with retaining outstanding witnesses to testify for you.

There are many different types of damages that you may be entitled to receive, including past and future medical bills, missed wages, loss of earning capacity, diminished quality of life, and pain and suffering, as well as punitive damages in some cases involving drunk driving or other egregious conduct. Many victims have questions about how to maximize their recovery to ensure that their medical bills and other accident-related expenses are covered. A top-notch car accident lawyer will help you ensure that you pursue every item of damages that you have incurred. The best lawyers also will offer a free consultation to address your initial questions about your case.

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Car accidents are stressful, no matter how minor they may be. At Donaldson & Weston, we have seen how disruptive a collision can be for a victim and his or her family. Our goal is to provide you with the responsive legal guidance that you need at every step of the process while ensuring that your questions are answered. With clients in Stuart, Port St. Lucie, Jupiter, and throughout St. Lucie, Palm Beach, and Martin Counties, we offer a free consultation to help you understand your legal rights and how our team of car accident lawyers can assist you. Call us now at 772-266-5555 or contact us online.