How Long Will It Take to Resolve My Family’s Wrongful Death Claim?

If your family is mourning the loss of a loved one that shouldn’t have happened and you’re planning on filing a wrongful death claim, it’s only natural to wonder how long the proceedings might take. Chances are the damages are adding up fast, after all, and you’re hoping for a speedy settlement that will allow you to regain your financial footing sooner rather than later.

Unfortunately, as any reputable attorney will tell you, legal proceedings are inherently unpredictable. Even claims that seem fairly simple at the start can face unanticipated hurdles, delaying a resolution in the process.

As such, there’s no way to guarantee your family’s action will be resolved by a specific date. Your legal team can at least explain the most likely trajectory of the case, however, after evaluating a few key factors. Read on to learn what those factors are:

1. The Number of Liable Parties

Generally speaking, the complexity of the case has a major impact on the duration of the proceedings, and few factors make for more complications than multiple at-fault parties. If more than one party was responsible for the accident that ultimately killed your loved one, settling the claim in record time is highly unlikely. This is because each defendant will inevitably try to shift blame onto the other, so they can reduce their own financial burdens.

2. The Strength of the Available Evidence

Insurance adjusters are usually inclined to negotiate when faced with irrefutable evidence of liability and damages. They’re less motivated to settle when the evidence is questionable at best because they don’t believe it will hold up in court.

Consequently, the stronger the evidence is, the faster your case may be resolved. Keep in mind that this is not a guarantee, however, since other disputes could still arise along the way.

3. The Total Recoverable Damages

If you’re seeking a seven-figure settlement, it’s reasonable to expect the insurance adjuster to give you considerable pushback. Since their primary concern is protecting the carrier’s bottom line, they’re not going to hand out multimillion-dollar payouts without putting up a fight.

Put another way, the more significant the damages, the longer the claim may take to resolve. And if the insurance adjuster absolutely refuses to meet in the middle? The case could end up at trial, which will inevitably extend the proceedings by several months, if not years. With the right legal team, though, you can at least make sure to avoid unnecessary delays along the way.

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