How Can I Strengthen My Slip and Fall Claim?

If you slipped and fell at someone else’s home or place of business, you may be thinking about taking action. Just because you’re entitled to seek compensation, however, doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed a payout.

The outcome of your personal injury claim will depend on a variety of factors, some of which are out of your control. One contributing factor that is in your control, though, is the strength of the evidence you present.

Let’s take a look at some of the best strategies for ensuring this evidence is as compelling as possible:

1. Interview Eyewitnesses Promptly

The memory is notoriously unreliable. If you want to use eyewitness testimony to corroborate your own version of events, it’s imperative that you obtain it as soon as possible.

If you were able to get the names and phone numbers of those who saw you slip and fall, give them to your legal team. They’ll reach out right away, so they can get everyone’s statements while the most important details are still at the forefront of their minds.

2. Compile Time-Sensitive Evidence Immediately

Eyewitness testimony isn’t the only kind of evidence that’s time-sensitive. If the accident was captured by any surveillance cameras overlooking the scene, for example, there’s a good chance the associated footage will be overwritten in a matter of weeks.

Likewise, if you were hurt at a place of business, there’s nothing stopping the owner from altering any incident reports that their employees drafted. As such, you’ll want to get copies of these documents right away (ideally from the employees themselves as soon as they’re done drafting the reports).

3. Log Damages Diligently

You can only seek compensation for damages you can prove you actually suffered, so make sure to save all the documentation that corresponds with expenses you wouldn’t have incurred had you not gotten hurt. Examples include hospital bills, paystubs tracking missed work, pharmacy receipts, and invoices for replacement services.

4. Keep a Personal Injury Journal

Detailed journal entries are a widely accepted way to demonstrate the extent of non-monetary losses like pain and suffering, mental anguish, and emotional distress. Start writing in a journal daily as soon as possible after the accident. To ensure these entries will be valuable, make sure to record:

  • The outcome of every doctor’s appointment,
  • Social events you’re unable to attend because of your injuries,
  • Hobbies or pastimes you can no longer participate in,
  • Everyday hurdles you now face as a result of your injuries, and
  • Any side effects you experience from your medication.

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