How Can A Personal Injury Lawyer Help You?

How Can A Personal Injury Lawyer Help You? Considering car accidents are all too common in Florida, if you happen to be involved in a crash you may need to consider a Personal Injury Lawyer. Why? What can they do for you? Depending on the kinds of injuries you sustain and damages you intend to pursue, you might need help providing medical documents and guidance, financial documents, invoices, expert witness statements, and pictures of injuries.

Possibly facing life-altering injuries or overwhelming costs, a personal injury lawyer may be able to soften the impact on your life and recover possible compensation. Gathering evidence, researching case law, and in extremes, formulating legal theories for a possible trial. Attorneys do all preparations to advocate for their clients before and during all cases.

It may be your first time learning the ups and downs of an accident claim. An attorney will support and guide you through all legal processes and obstacles. They will help you gather medical and bill documents, witness statements, employment and lost wage information and prepare you for a settlement or court trial.


Personal Injury Lawyers Help! But When Do You Need To Hire An Attorney?

How Can A Personal Injury Lawyer Help You? Personal Injury lawsuits can be extremely complex and these attorneys specialize in certain type cases. How would you know when you need an attorney after a car accident?

  • Did you sustain any injuries? Even life changing injuries?
  • Are those injuries costing you more than a couple thousand dollars or days off of work, school, or regular activities?
  • Is your insurance company making all compensations harder to obtain?
  • Is there a dispute on whose fault the accident was and the paperwork may seem inaccurate?
  • Maybe the accident took place in a questionable area like a construction site?
  • Are there multiple people harmed in the accident?

When filing a claim with the at-fault driver’s insurance an attorney will ensure all claims go to the right party. Since Florida is a no-fault state. The at-fault driver is responsible for all damages, and personal injury or PIP Provision. If you’re not sure about any law or procedural rules, a personal injury attorney can be hired to alleviate the stress, guide and represent you after a car accident. Working with an extremely knowledgeable professional about the relevant laws could help you gain a positive outcome in your case.

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Let Personal Injury Lawyers Help Do the Legwork!

A lawyer can file a lawsuit on your behalf and will know how to deal with any possible questions or backlash from the other side. Once your lawsuit gets under way, your lawyer will be priceless in the role of preparing your case for trial. Having an attorney who is knowledgeable about the relevant laws is a significant resource to have! Especially in a world full of experienced and large insurance companies.

Even if you are unable to settle your accident case, a personal injury lawyer can begin the necessary filing. In addition to starting a court case on your behalf and deal with the defense attorneys on the other side. This alone can ease the burden on you, especially if you have been seriously injured and in recovery. An attorney will become your best asset, who makes sure your story is heard and you recover from all your losses!

Top Common Causes of Car Accidents in Florida

How Can A Personal Injury Lawyer Help You? Car accidents can be traumatic events. Which can be emphasized more if there are damages involved. In some cases, accidents are completely unavoidable. However, there are so many precautions drivers can take to ensure the safest travel possible.

Pre-accident you may be considering the property damage, the repairs and replacement that may come with all expenses but post-accident the damages can reach as far as prolonged pain and suffering, emotional distress, and loss of enjoyment in life. This is where having a personal injury attorney who has dealt with all manner of claims and a variety of cases injuries, and large insurance companies, will be crucial in personal and monetary recovery. Their role in your claims can help you get quality treatment and recovery.


Defensive Driving is Key To Avoiding Accidents

Considering we are driving in a massive piece of steel, our cars should demand all of our concentration! In 2018 alone, Florida saw 317,721 reported car crashes. Although accidents in Florida share similar issues with the rest of the nation, many can be avoided by making better choices behind the wheel.

There are so many factors that play into why accidents happen. With a little education and understanding on the top 5 causes of car accidents in Florida. We have some hope in lowering the percentage of accidents in the state at large. There are some factors that cannot be avoided, but we can try to prevent them by recognizing the signs and how they are caused. Most no-fault victims’ cases involve some of the most common causes of car accidents:

  •  Aggressive Driving: We know aggressive drivers to be commonly portrayed as the angry tailgaters, the quick honkers, the drivers who erratically switch lanes, and speed well over the speed limit. It may be hard to not engage but keeping your distance is the best way to ensure the situation doesn’t get worse.
  • Weather Conditions: Any Florida native or long-time Florida resident knows just how bi-polar the weather can be here in the Sunshine State. A clear day can turn into slick roads and low visibility in a matter of minutes. It’s best to avoid driving during less than favorable weather conditions but if you’re out when the weather takes a turn for the worse, make sure you have your lights on and you keep your distance as braking times increase. Check out more tips for driving in Florida weather.
  • Distracted Driving: It isn’t only our tech-devices that are a huge distraction on the road. When we are having a conversation, changing the radio station, reading navigation systems, grooming, eating and drinking are all considered distractions that takeaway required skills like motor, visual, and mental. It creates a danger to be able to effectively maneuver your vehicle, and respond to traffic, anticipate the reactions of others or obstacles on the road.

Anything that takes your eyes off the road is considered distracted driving. Answering a text takes our eyes off the road which makes cell phones the worst of all driving distractions. Although methods like talk-to-text were implemented to seem safer, the amount of time the drivers spent looking at the road was much less when they were texting no matter the method. Reaction times still remain the same.

Last year alone, our records saw a total of 50,000 car accidents that were blamed on distracted driving. All of which were preventable car accidents. Focus on the road, avoid your phone, and save all distracting activities for after the commute.

  • Speeding: It is imperative to stick to the posted speed limit. Many of us, sometimes unconsciously, have driven over the speed limit. Maybe we’re running late to work, or on our way to an event, we tend to avoid all road rules and unfortunately run the risk of car accidents. The dangers of speeding dwindles reaction time to slower drivers and the ability to control the vehicle. The likelihood of crashes increases depending on the length of the stopping distance.
  • Drunk Driving: This is easily avoidable! Especially now that we have readily available rideshares and carpools. Drinking impairs judgement, reaction times, and slows our reflexes. If there is a drunk driver on the road, make sure to keep your distance. If you can, report the license plate, make and model and possibly save an additional life.

Taking the necessary precautions on the road could keep you and everyone else safe. With less distractions and a safer environment, you can avoid being at-fault for any incidents; big or small. However, accidents do happen! When it’s not your fault you shouldn’t be left with piles of debt, injuries or lost wages.

As a Florida driver, you are required to carry PIP and PLI but most policies cannot cover the extensive damage and personal injury a crash can cause. Gratefully, with a personal injury lawyer, car accident victims have the option to recover and collect compensation.


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