Hobe Sound Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

It’s no secret that motorcycle accidents have the potential to cause debilitating injuries. Even a minor collision at a low speed can have devastating consequences because bikes do not provide any protection from the force of impact.

According to the Mayo Clinic, motorcycle accidents are a leading cause of spinal cord injuries (SCIs). They’re also responsible for a significant number of traumatic brain injuries.

Beyond the physical and emotional trauma suffered by accident victims, the financial impact of a serious crash can be overwhelming. Fortunately, you may be able to recover compensation for your medical bills, lost income, and other damages by filing a personal injury claim.

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How to Calculate Pain and Suffering Damages After a Motorcycle Accident

There are two widely accepted formulas for calculating pain and suffering damages in Florida personal injury claims. The first is called the “multiplier method.”

To use this formula, your attorney would calculate all special damages and then multiply that figure by a factor that typically ranges from 1.5 to 5. The resulting number would be your total pain and suffering damages.

Special damages are the economic losses you incur as a result of the accident. Examples include medical bills and lost income. The greater the economic damages, the higher your total pain and suffering damages will be when using the multiplier method.

More severe injuries will also yield a higher amount for pain and suffering because they will warrant a higher factor. Claimants who sustained an SCI or traumatic brain injury might use 4 or 5 as their multiplier while those who sustained road rash and broken bones might use 2 or 3.

The second formula for calculating pain and suffering damages is called the “per diem method.” For this approach, your attorney would assign a daily value to your pain and suffering—perhaps $100 or a full day’s wages—and then multiply it by the number of days you spend recovering. More severe injuries will warrant a higher daily value.

Depending on the circumstances, your motorcycle accident attorney may use both methods of determining pain and suffering damages and then average the totals. Having two acceptable figures can also facilitate the negotiations; your attorney can start by asking for the higher figure but then offer the lower figure if negotiations stagnate.