Health Insurance reimbursement in Florida

Our clients are frequently frustrated when they find out that they have to reimburse their health insurance company after they receive a financial recovery in their personal injury claim.  Unfortunately a health insurance company in Florida has the right to be reimbursed for any treatment it has paid on behalf of a client once the client receives the settlement of verdict.  This is often surprising to clients because most clients do not read the sometimes 50+ page health insurance contracts provided by their employers.

The rules is founded by the idea that a plaintiff should not be able to receive a financial windfall simply because they have health insurance and the company should be paid back for any claims that were caused by an third party in which the plaintiff receives.  Health insurance liens can often be reduced, but they will almost never be waived.

Health insurance liens as well as medicare liens are one of the reasons that injured victims should hire an experienced personal injury attorney to represent them for their accident claim.  If an individual resolves their claim alone and doesn’t reimburse their health insurance company, they are actually violating federal law.

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