Have You Experienced Negligent Security at a Bar or Other Place of Business?

Business owners owe a legal duty to their customers to provide a safe and secure premise and to reasonably protect them from potential harms and dangers. This is a form of premise liability. If a business owner does not provide a safe and secure premise for their customers, they can be held liable for negligent security. Negligent security cases routinely involve shootings, stabbings, and even murders. Unfortunately, in Florida, negligent security claims are among the highest throughout the country. Sadly, some business owners focus more on making a profit rather than providing adequate security for their customers and this could end up being very costly for these business owners.

Business owners can protect themselves from negligent security complaints and claims by reasonably protecting their customers from danger. Some ways to protect the customers is to install security cameras, have the proper lighting around the business and in the parking lots, and having a security alarm or the proper security personnel. Additionally, it is always helpful for business owners to properly train their employees to be on the look-out for potential dangers to customers. If the criminal act is foreseeable and the business owner does not take reasonable steps to prevent this act from occurring, then the owner can legally be held liable.

The majority of negligent security cases commonly occurs at hotels/motels, malls/shopping centers, office buildings, college campuses/dorm rooms, and parking garages. Unfortunately, many of the crimes that are committed as a result of negligent security are robberies and sexual assaults. The criminals will take advantage of the inadequate lighting or any other negligent factor and prey on unsuspecting individuals.

Negligent security cases are multifaceted and complex. These cases allow attorneys to work alongside investigators and safety experts to figure out if the business owner did enough to reasonably protect their customer from foreseeable danger. It is imperative to have diligent attorneys handling these intricate cases.

If you’ve been injured at a place of business and believe there was negligent security, be sure to contact us today to discuss your case.