Boynton Beach Car Accident Attorneys

Navigating a vehicle in traffic can be a demanding task. Unfortunately, newer motorists tend to underestimate just how much care and attention driving requires while older motorists often become complacent when behind the wheel.

All it takes is one misjudgment at a busy intersection to alter someone life’s forever. If you were hurt in a crash with a drunk, distracted, or reckless driver, turn to Donaldson & Weston to determine the most strategic way to proceed.

After evaluating the circumstances of your collision, our Boynton Beach car accident attorneyswill gather evidence of liability and damages, track all applicable damages, calculate a fair settlement amount, negotiate with the opposing party and, if necessary, take your case to court.

With an unwavering commitment to achieving the best possible outcome for each and every client, our attorneys have secured several multimillion-dollar settlements and verdicts. Call 561-299-3999 to schedule a free case evaluation with one of our injury lawyers.

How to Prove Liability in a Car Accident Claim

Florida operates under a “no fault” system in regard to auto insurance claims, which means accident victims typically turn to their own providers for compensation following a collision; however, if they sustain injuries that are considered serious enough, they may seek damages from the liable party. Before you can recover compensation in a third-party claim, though, you must prove fault.

The following are examples of evidence that may contribute to the strength of your claim:

  • Photographs of the wreckage;

  • The official police report;

  • Eyewitness testimony;

  • The location and extent of any property damage;

  • The results of any chemical tests;

  • Dash cam recordings;

  • Surveillance footage;

  • Statements from accident reconstruction experts; and

  • Cell phone records.

How to Prove Damages in a Car Accident Claim

Even with adequate evidence of liability, you must prove you incurred damages as a direct result of the incident before you can secure a settlement. Proof of damages might include:

  • Hospital bills;

  • Pharmacy receipts;

  • Medical records;

  • Statements from medical experts;

  • Time-off requests for work;

  • Income statements;

  • Photographs of any visible wounds;

  • Journal entrees detailing the recovery process; and

  • Statements from loved ones regarding the ways in which the injuries have affected their lives.

Questions Your Boynton Beach Car Accident Attorney Might Ask

There are a few general elements that all car accident claims share, but each case is ultimately unique. The location of your crash, the types of injuries you sustained, your prognosis, your pre-injury income, the cause of the wreck, and a variety of other factors will be specific to your claim. During your free initial consultation, one of our car accident lawyers will ask about these factors to determine if your case has merit and how to proceed with the investigation.

Below are just a few questions you might be asked during your first meeting with an attorney. It’s a good idea to write down your answers before the consultation so you don’t forget any pertinent details.

  • When, where, and how did the accident happen?

  • Were you obeying all traffic laws in the moments leading up to the accident?

  • Did police attend the scene?

  • Did officers perform any chemical tests? Were any arrests made?

  • Did another driver admit fault at the scene?

  • Is there any reason why the opposing party might contend that your own negligence was a contributing factor?

  • What were the road and weather conditions like?

  • Have your injuries prevented you from earning an income?

  • Have you already received an official diagnosis from a doctor?

  • What is your diagnosis and prognosis?

  • What types of medical treatment have you undergone, and what further treatment has your doctor suggested?

  • Have you posted anything about your case on social media?

  • Has the insurance company contacted you yet? Did you provide a recorded statement?

  • What types of expenses have you incurred due to the accident?

How to Prepare for Your Free Initial Consultation

Besides writing down your answers to the questions listed above, there are a few more steps you can take to ensure your first meeting with a Boynton Beach car accident attorney is as productive as possible. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Compile Your Medical and Financial Records: You’ll need strong evidence to prove the damages you’ve incurred as a result of the crash. Depending on the facts surrounding your case, you might be able to recover compensation for all reasonable and necessary medical expenses, as well as lost income and lost earning capacity. Documentation to prove these damages may include diagnostic imaging, drug prescriptions, bills and invoices for healthcare, income tax returns, paystubs, and any other records pertaining to your medical treatment or financial circumstances.

  • Gather Other Evidence: If you have any of the following, bring them with you to the initial consultation: photos and videos of the crash scene, your personal injury journal, correspondence from the insurance company or opposing party, contact details of eyewitnesses and other drivers involved, contact details of your medical providers, and any relevant insurance policies.

  • Write Down Your Questions: No doubt you have quite a few questions about the claims process. Getting the answers you seek can greatly reduce the stress associated with the proceedings. Be sure to write down your questions before the consultation so you don’t forget anything.